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By Nizar
Walaikum salam sister.

The first 8 ruk'as are like the fajr prayer, but if you want more, in the first 2 ruk'as, read in the first one al fatiha and 30 times al ikhlas, then in the second one read al fatiha and al qadr only one time (its not obligatory)

If you are going to do this, it is only for the first 2 ruk'as, do the remaining 6 ruk'as like fajr prayer.

In the 2 ruk'a of shaf'e read in the first one al fatiha then al nas, and in the second one al fatiha then al falaq (no qunut)

In the ruk'a of al witr, read al fatiha, al ikhlas 3 times, al falaq, al nas (with qunut)

And yes, you make tashahud and tasleem after each 2, then start with 7 takbeer for the nexrt 2 ruk'a.

Then Astaghfirullah wa atubu ilay 70 times.

- You can say any suras you like after al Fatiha, these are just recommended.

I hope this was clear enough, if not please let me know.

Fi aman Allah
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By salamberlin
wa alaykum as Salam Nizar,

AlhamduliLah you made it very clear.
It´s very useful to many i.s.A.

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