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It came to my attention that scientists at CERN facility located in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border, are going to try to re-create Big Bang. Many prominent scientists like Stephen Hawking, astrophysicyst Neil De Grasse Tyson, Mads Fradsen and many others are warning about this experiment, because scientists can't be sure that Higgs boson is indeed a God's particle, that's how they call it. What is also interesting is the fact that they have 666 in their logotype and a strange corelation with mayan calendar picture.
Last week the cosmic dance of destruction ritual was being held worshipping Lord Shiva(Hindu deity also known as destroyer of the worlds) also the statue of Shiva is right in front of CERN institute and hindus also put hindu sanskrit transcripts inside the CERN facility. Similar ritual was also held in 2012 when they found Higgs boson.
My thoughts regarding this dangerous experiment:
a) the experiment results as micro big bang in a micro universe
b)a micro wormhole is created which can lead to destruction of our universe, like Hawking suggests
c) they open the portal or stargate to paralel dimension of jinn deities, in this case we're up for a big experience of human conciousness
d) the whole thing explodes for the greater good
e) nothing happens because Higgs boson isn't God's particle like they thought it was
f) macro big bang happens which leads to utter destruction of our planet

Now let's remember that CERN scientists discovered many great things, it's a home of worldwide web and they found some muon neutrinos which can travel faster than light( I'm not sure how accurate is this), but the thing is that many scientists are warning about this experiment and that hindu spiritualist avatars are being involved in it.

I'll leave some links here if anyone finds this interesting subject:

Scientist confusion around Higgs boson

Top scientists issue warnings

some videos:



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