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Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:31 pm
by Shana
Reincarnation, spirituality and past lives is something which is not new. Rather reincarnation goes back to some of the most ancient beliefs.
Many people around the world have claimed that they have reincarnated and have past lives.
The Returned is a series like no other. A series which reveals some of the most shocking secrets. We begin our journey with reincarnation a foundation stone which sets the scene for this series.

Who created the world? This very world we live in, who was responsible for it's creation? Have you ever asked yourself: If God is good, then why is the world so bad? Have you ever wondered, why there is so much chaos and evil in this world ? If you did, then you are not alone. These questions pose perhaps the greatest dilemma for all those, who believe in God.

As we continue through the series we REVEAL what happened to Jesus. Christians and Muslims, alike, believe that, after the crucifixion,.
Jesus was raised to heaven, body and soul. But what if there were more to the story?
What really happened to Jesus? How did he die? Join us as we explore these questions and pose, perhaps, the most important question of all - how did he live?

As we enter deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole we come to discover the age old mystery WHAT HAPPENED TO MARY MAGDALENE? How could it be that none of the religious leaders could ever answer that question? Mary Magdalene was the most influential woman in early Christianity. She was the first woman to see Jesus after his crucifixion. Then suddenly, she vanished from history. Who was this enigmatic woman?

We took a turn to a place never heard of Jesus once said 'I disclose my mysteries to those who are worthy...' But the question remains: Who was worthy of learning his true message? What happened during Jesus later years? Less than 2 centuries after Jesus lived, another prophet arose and claimed to be the successor to Jesus's ministry - Prophet Mani. But, it may surprise you to learn the startling similarities between Mani and another Prophet of God.

When one man, Abdullah Hashem started asking difficult questions, which others were afraid
To askā€¦about the darkness of this world.
How there is very little knowledge about the soul world.
How Iblis is the Father of Creation and the Secret Gospels
The secret life of Jesus.
The successor to Jesus's ministry - Prophet Mani
The special rank of Mary Magdalene.
And how the worst of creation has come together to battle against the best of creation.

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