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Sayidda A’isha (S.A) bint Ja’far Al-Sadiq (A.S)

Sayidda Aisha (S.A) the daughter of the sixth holy Imam, Imam Jaffar al Sadiq (AS) and the sister of the seventh holy Imam , Imam Musa al Kathim (AS). Sayidda Aisha (S.A) came to Egypt during the years of the Fatimid Caliphate after the Karbala massacre.

Sayyida Aisha the Pious the God Fearing

Sayyida Aisha (S.A) God fearing worshipper and pious Woman. It was reported that Lady Aisha (S.A) was generous and never turned away a beggar or a knowledge seeker; she always fulfilled the need of whoever knocked on her door. She would always commune with her Lord during periods of spiritual retreat and reiterate to those around her.
Lady Aisha (S.A) bint Jafar al-Sadiq (AS), from the mistresses of worship and goodness, she used to say:
[align=center]“By your glory and greatness, if you make me enter the fire, I would grab my Tawheed with my hand and circle around the people of the fire telling them: I made Tawheed of him and he punished me.” - A`lam al-Nisa’ – al-Kahhalah – 4/260

Grave of Holy Aisha (S.A)

Buried in the heart of Cairo, her grave was a simple shrine until the 6th century. Sayyida Aisha (S.A) mosque is one of the mosques that represent the history of Egypt. Since its construction the mosque has been symbolizing the pure devotion that Sayyida Aisha (S.A) had been living with because she was raised in a devout family that belongs to the honourable ancestry of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


Ahl Al Bayt

From Imam Jaffar Al Sadiq (A.S) God most high then declared unto him Mohammad (saw), “you are the first of those who shall speak, the one with power of choice and the one chosen.To you I have trusted my light and the treasure of my guidance. For your sake I will form spacious channels, give free course to the waters, and raise the heavens. For your sake I will give rewards and punishments, and assign men to Paradise or to the Fire. I will appoint the people of your household (Ahlul Bayt) for guidance.I will bestow upon them the secrets of my knowledge. No truth will be hidden from them and no mystery concealed. I will designate them as my proof to mankind, as those who shall admonish men of my power and remind them of my Unity (Tawheed)”.“The light descended,” the Imam Ja’far continued, “upon our most noble men, and shown through our Imams, so that we are in fact the light of Heaven and of Earth. To us is salvation committed, and from us are the secrets of science derived, for we are the destination that all must strive to reach. Our Mahdi will be the final proof, the seal of the Imams, the Deliverer of the Imamate, the Apex of the Light, and the Source of all good work. Those who follow us will have our support in the hereafter.

The True Status of Sayyida Aisha (s.a) bint Jaffar Al Sadiq (a.s) is unknown to us.
“Say about us what you will , but do not say we are Gods, you will never be able to grasp our true status” - Ahl Al Bayt
Peace be upon Pure Lady Aisha bint Jaffar Al Sadiq [as]

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