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Salem alaykum everyone,

The following is a small list of deep cracks and holes in the beliefs of black banners which seems to have sprung out suddenly and forcefully (which raises suspicions, why didn't they start when the fb page or Najaf office first opened?). Fortunately there really isn't much there in terms of arguments and all of their claims create problems and questions.

1. They chose a flag and name without direct instruction from the Yamani(as), since when is it ok to split off without a divine leader's instruction?

2. They claim 12 people have seen Imam Mahdi(as) and point to a mutashabih hadith they interpreted. But this means they are bypassing the Yamani by following these vague "12 men". Imam Mahdi(as) is represented by the Banner of Guidance raised by the Yamani, why are they claiming there is another way?

3. According to numerous statements from the Yamani(as), the Najaf office has been assigned to represent him. The representatives managing the Office - Sayed Hasan Hamami, Sheikh Nathem AlUqaili, and Sayed Wathiq AlHussaini - have each been praised by the Yamani many times for they honesty and hard work in supporting the call.
This makes the appointment of the office and the representatives reliably proven and firmly established. So why do black banners try to reject the Najaf office without any proof?

4. They reject the Facebook page of the Yamani(as) despite the fact it contains an extension of his knowledge which cannot be fabricated by an impersonator. They even disbelieve in the voice which is the same as the sermons. They claim the language is different and the voice is different after conducting a 'voice analysis', is the typical believer expected by Allah(swt) to perform audio verification? Isn't one of the main ways to recognise the Imam 'knowledge and wisdom', not voice analysis?

5. There are many more fatal problems with black banners. I would not usually criticize the arguer since its best to focus on the arguments, however it's important to consider this last point because of the implications.
Many if not most of the black banners supporters are fake accounts created within the last few days. This signals either suspicion from the followers as to why they need fake accounts, or worse that the group is being propped up and supported by enemies most likely staunch shia scholar followers who want infiltrate the call from within. Fortunately as history tells us they will always fail and hypocrites are a naturally occurring group within a divine call. So what is the real reason for excessive fake accounts?
PastnPresent wrote:Peace be upon you (all),

Got the answers of my above questions.

But would like to know this for now,

What was the color of Ahmad alHassan's flag "Allegiance to Allah" all along, before this group appeared?

Salaam, there a number of flags associated to the dawah- but only one is the official banner raised by the Imam (as) and it's the flag of allegiance in white. The new misguided black banner movement has really no justification to change the banner to black, they claim that the 12th Imam (as) had advised 12 unknown individuals to change the flag to black among other fallacies. And the Imam (as) cautioned us that "anyone who doesn't come to me in the small and big things is a liar", and the 12th (as) doesn't talk to anyone when he (as) dispatched his messenger the Yamani (as).



You can view the pdf attachment refuting the misguided black banner movement.
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