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By jhz777
I dont know when this started. When i was a boy i saw my father close his eyes everytime where in a passenger jeep or pumpboat. Sometime crazy things happens when a driver go fast and we are almost in an accident. Now that i have my own family and my father works noe in a different country, its like the torch has been pass down to me. Everyware i go people will move unconditionally using their hands and look at me while i was riding a jeepney or moving their foot. Almost everyware i go even malls and in my own home. My wife do the same thing and her family. After watching the arrivals i rialized maybe i was caught by the woman in red. In my drink they they add drugs which makes my world round. At first my emotion burst. My own family even suggested that i go to a psychologist so i go. The psychologist ask questions but my wife answers for me which turnsbout bad and the doctor gave me high dosage of medicines which makes my eyes blurry. Not only that when i go to the comfort roon you can hear all bangings which will make you loose your focus. And im thinking why does society do this to me. Then i remember when i was young i go everyday to this bar where a brotherhood named tau gamma phi or triskelion are in control. Maybe 1 of them dont like menor what but thats all went started. Whrn turned 18 my gf now my wife becomes a partner. People becomes aggressive tp me which i become angery all the time and i also become aggresive. Its like they are molding your attitude. I know this sounds like mobbing but by watchingbthe film maybe it is but if you search triskellion i notice semillarities in the film. My eyes are open. They control my environment but i holdbon with the power of the my father in heaven. I also now notice how they manipulate. They first say something and the second word is a suggestion. I can hear it now clwarly with calm mind even the drink sometimes contains drugs. Not only that one time it contains a poison ehich burns in my stomach. Immediately i drank my babies milk. So i know they know that i know what they are doing. Music in the malls even people talking, its like your the only one that can understand. For now i cant find work so know where i am leading. I cant do anything so when i see in the films how actors or somebody are manipulated i understand now if they dont like you. Still going to psychologist even though i know in mu self i dont need it. My family says i need because i sometimes act weird but i dont. Im scared for my life i do. I pray and accept but i know my time will come. I ask for prayers and if possible help. Manipulation and greed of humans are so high. May God bless us all and protect us. God bless everyone.
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