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Question 493:
I saw that my uncle's wife, who has passed away and went to the Mercy of Allah months ago, I saw her after her death talking with us in a vision and saying to us that she had a dream (my uncle's wife, may Allah have mercy upon her, said that she saw a dream even though she died).

She said that she had a dream that there are people who die after finishing the bachelor degree. And that Al-Batoul (me) will die after the bachelor degree. In the vision it was as if I was on my way to the third year in the Bachelor, and only the third and forth years were what remaining for me to finish the Bachelor degree.

Knowing that in reality I had finished my bachelor degree many years ago. Knowing that my uncle's wife mentioned something very strange in the vision, where she said : "Al-Batoul the graduate of the Sadat (the masters) school will die after the bachelor degree" and she did not say the same about any other than me, she did not say that any other than me was a graduate of the Sadat (the masters) school; because in fact I am the only one in my town who belongs to the school of Ahlul Bayt, the Sadat (masters) of mankind.

Sender: Al-Batoul Muhammad – Kuwait


In the Name of Allah The Merciful The Intensely Merciful

All Praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your Peace and Blessings upon
Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis and send great greetings

May Allah give you success to all that which is good.

The vision is about completing the Mind and the Seventh Complete Sky, for when the Angels want to clarify something for you they clarify it by symbols which you know and could realize from this world, and also [those symbols] are imprinted in your soul so it becomes easy for the Angels to show them to you. Elementary education for example refers in religion to the knowing of the beliefs and acts of worships an apparent knowing.

As for secondary education, meaning the six years that follow the elementary education, refer to the six skies of the Kingdoms of Heavens, which the human being ascend to and rise in them by applying what he learned and working by it in order that he may know the truths, meaning, working by the acts of worship and fighting the self and the devil and the world and its ornaments.

Consequently, the result of working will be rising in the six perfect partial skies of the Kingdoms of Heavens. And this is exactly what you do after you finish the elementary education, since you used in the secondary education what you learned in the elementary education - which is how to read and write - in reading and solving problems and knowing new sciences and acquiring information from them.

As for college, in it you were learning in order to apply, meaning you were being prepared through your education in college to teach others or benefit others regarding what they are incapable of doing. And this matter is completely identical to the knowing that is acquired by the Prophets in the Seventh Complete Sky; in order that they may be prepared to be sent, which is also identical to what the college graduate does.
Meaning, the Prophets also when they are sent they teach others or benefit them regarding what they are incapable of doing, and the teaching of the Prophet's to others is known. As for their benefit to others, perhaps that would be clear to you if you return to the economical work of Joseph (a.s) or the political or the social, of him and others than him from the sent Prophets (a.s).

As for your vision particularly, it means that you are from the people of the Seventh Complete Sky by your dedication to Allah and by the success that Allah grants you. And the vision is glad tidings to you that Allah completes his favour upon you. As for death, it is in its true meaning if Allah wills, meaning, the separation [from this world] to Allah and the hereafter after knowing the truth. Ali (a.s) said: (I was only a neighbour to you, my body neighboured you for days) - Al-Kafi Vol.1 P.299

And Muhammad (sawas) said: (Whoever wants to see a dead person walking on the Earth let him look to Ali ibn Abi Talib) And I shall clarify the matter more for you:

Firstly: The Earth = The Elementary School

Meaning, whatever you see with your eyes and hear with your ears, and...and...and...and..., all of that do not pass to the Kingdoms of Heavens without working, and the human being remains Earthly, his knowledge does not pass this Earth, and his knowing does not pass this worldly life, even if he read a thousand and thousand books about religion and beliefs and acts of worship. Look - may Allah enforce you and grant you success to all that which is good - at Allah's (swt) saying: {They know what is apparent of the worldly life, but they, of the Hereafter, are unaware} [Surat Al-Rum 30:7], those people addressed in that verse were not merchants who were distracted by their trade, rather, they are religious scholars who are busy with studying religion and teaching it, but Allah is saying to them you do not know anything and your knowledge is just a worldly knowledge which has no relationship with the hereafter.

For when the human being knows he must work, and dedication/sincerity is a must for work; in order that the human being may rise and in order that his knowledge may be real. For if you learned
how to write and how to read, like the case is in the elementary education, and did not work by which you had learned in order to increase in knowledge, then what would the difference be between you and the illiterate who does not know how to read or write?

Rather, the illiterate person may be of a better condition than you if he was a good listener to the teacher. Aren't stones better than the hard hearts which do not hear at some times? {Then your hearts became hardened after that, being like stones or even harder. For indeed, there are stones from which rivers burst forth, and there are some of them that split open and water comes out, and there are some of them that fall down for fear of Allah. And Allah is not unaware of what you do} [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:74]

Secondly: The Kingdoms of Heaven = The Secondary school

I will put it in a equation for you in order that it may be clearer why the six years of secondary education symbolize the six skies of the Kingdoms of Heavens. Six years - Six skies Six levels, each after one another and higher than the other = Six skies, each after one another and higher than the other.

Application of previous education to increase knowing= Working by previous knowledge to increase knowing. For that reason you find that it is natural that the Angels symbolize the Six Skies of the Kingdoms of Heavens, or rising in them, or finishing elevating in them, by the secondary education or the six years of education which follow the elementary education. Rather, it is of great wisdom to refer to them by this symbol, for they want you to know them. So it is wise that the symbol be close to them in order that it may be known by them in a clear way.

Also in order that the symbolic closeness may be clear: Pay attention to the fact that in the secondary education you were using the machine which you gained in the elementary education; and that is reading and writing. But was that alone enough in order to succeed and move from one level to a higher level, or you needed to concentrate and understand what you are reading and writing? Indeed you needed to concentrate to understand, otherwise knowing would not happen and no success would be there and you would not move to a higher level than the one you are in.

As such is the matter regarding rising in the Six Skies of the Kingdoms of Heavens. So working by what you previously learned is not enough alone in order to move to a higher level or a higher and finer sky than the one you are in. Rather, there must be dedication/sincerity, for working without dedication/sincerity does not have any value and does not increase the knowing/knowledge, just as the case in reading without concentration. For example, perhaps one day you were holding a book in your hand and you were reading in it, but your thoughts were busy with a family problem, so after you close the book you would find yourself just as you had not opened it. Pay attention to the symbolic closeness between them. And how it is from great wisdom that the Angels use the secondary education for example as a symbol for rising in the Six Skies.

Thirdly: Kolleyya (College), or Higher education in universities = The Kolleyya (Complete) Seventh Sky.

The symbol here is because of the names are identical. The Seventh sky is a complete sky, and it is not a sky of details and contradictions and matching. Also higher education after the secondary education takes place in a school whose common name is "kolleyya (college)", and there is no problem that the origin of the name is not Arabic, what is important is that it is the known name for these schools which are specialized in higher education. Also as I have clarified before, education in college is usually to apply in the land of reality.

Meaning that the person goes forth to college from the human community in order to learn in it, and then after he completes his education in it, he returns to the community which he came from in order to teach or benefit the human community by which he learned or knew. Or at least we say that he became prepared/ready for this matter after graduating from college.

As such is the human being after rising to the seventh complete sky he becomes ready to teach others and to benefit the human community with what would lead to its perfection and welfare. Or in order that the matter be clear I say: The graduates of the seventh complete sky are prophets and it is possible that they may be sent to people, and it is possible that they may be not sent to people.

But in both cases they will be beneficial and reformers to the human community, and in both cases they will be callers towards Allah. Yes, there is a great difference between an unsent prophet and a sent prophet, and this could be clarified to you by reading the book "Al-Nubuwa Al-Khatima (The Sealing Prophethood)". And there remains a question that perhaps would come to the mind of any human being, and that is: Could any human being, whether a male or female, be a prophet?

Meaning to have the rank of prophethood and rise to the seventh complete sky and acquire this knowledge that Allah facilitated for the Prophet Adam to acquire? And the answer is yes. For prophethood is not limited to men, rather, what is limited to men is sending only. But the door of rising/elevating is open for everyone, there is no difference between one human being and another, there is no difference between a male and female, and there is no difference between an Arab and an foreigner, and there is no difference between a white and a black.

The door is open for everybody within the law of: "The entire world is ignorance except for the positions of knowledge in it. And the entire knowledge is a proof except for what is worked by. And the entire work is hypocrisy except for what was sincere. And sincerity is upon great danger until the human being sees how he ends"

Everyone is equal in that law. Great joy for the ones who listen and become aware/understand by the success of Allah which He grants them. May Allah grant you success and enforce you. And I hope that you mention me in your Dua', may Allah reward you with goodness.

And Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.

Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh)
Safar/1431 Hijri

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