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By Ansariyat Ahmed
Alsalam Alaikum wrahmat Allah wbarakatuh

Maybe a month ago i saw a vision where I was with few of the ansar (maybe 5-6) in the arabic paltalk room and Imam a.s was with us.
It was like a program made to prepare holding the mic, each of us should read something up for Imam a.s
and Imam a.s was correcting for each of us on the mic and he was commenting on our reading after we were done.
His a.s voice was like in his sermons, clear and pure ... And i remember myself waiting, very nervous, for my turn to take mic and read something up..
I was holding the Duaa-book (Mafatih Al-Jinan) and decided to read ziyrarat (the visiting) of Fatima Al-Zahraa a.s ...
But the vision ended before i took the mic ..

Alhamdolillah rabil Alameen
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