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Bismilah ar rahmaan nir Raheem laahoul wala quwwata illa billa al aliyul azeem Allah humma swale alaa MUHAMMADIUN WA AALE MUHAMMAD wa sallam tasleema

In 2010 when I (auzobillah he minal Ana) was going through the books of AHLEBAIT a.s i came across a book known as Ghaibat an numaani and i read it completely , and after few days of reading this books ALLAH blessed me with the ziaarath of IMAM HUSSAIN a.s , So after coming back from Karbala , I (auzobillah he minal Ana) came to know about the claim of Being Yamani done by Ahmed AL hasan who is suppose to come before IMAM AL MAHDI a.s and he looks to be from 6th generation of IMAM AL MAHDI a.s, and his speech is different than the speech of other speakers , where as all this about yamani was written in the books (such as ghaibat an numaani ) but i still needed to research more .

So, this was in my mind , and that week, i(auzobillah he minal Ana) started looking for the name Ahmed Al hasan on youtube and found Sermon of Hajj (which is of 50 mins aprox.) recited by Ahmed Al hasan , and it had english translation so i started the sermon and in my heart i was asking ALLAH WHETHER IF ITS TRUE THEN I SHOULD CRY LISTENING TO THIS SERMON , Where as chances of crying were very less for me cause what he was talking in the starting was about praising lord and things similar to that , But one statement really made me cry when Ahmed AL Hasan said :


As soon as i heard this i started crying , cause i never heard a single person in my life calling AMEERILMOMINEEN alaihis salaam as "FATHER" except myself (auzobillah he minal Ana), so once it happened that I was telling someone about the killing of AMEERILMOMINEENa.s and the words that came out of my mouth was
I was stunned by myself to see that i said AMEERILMOMINEEN alaihis salaam as father where as I am from the progeny of ALI IBN ABU TALIB a.s so i can't even say astaghfirullah for this act, and accepting this act was heavy for me, so this unintentionally happened with me and it was very sweet. and i just heard Ahmed AL hasan saying the same, and i(auzobillah he minal Ana) know the sincerity of a person who calls IMAM ALI a.s as father , and naturally that made me cry and thats how my wish was fullfilled, therefore i discussed this issue and what happened with me with someone else and said that we def. need to research on this topic , and i went to sleep .


So when i went to sleep in the same night I saw one of my cousins asking me to come to a majalis, so i saw everyone sitting in a majalis BUT there was someone's picture on the poster and everyone is silently sitting as if they were there due to the poster , so i came out of that place and i found myself in karbala, so what i see in karbala is the Shrine of MOULA ABBAS where as shrine is no more there but there is a bed in place of the shrine and MOULA ABBAS is on the bed and a white long cloth is above him which is falling on to the floor , So its a feeling MOULA ABBAS is almost coming out of the grave and just a cloth distance is left , and then I saw IMAM HUSSAIN a.s and even IMAM HUSSAIN a.s was in the same way where his shrine is not there and he has come out of the grave and resting on the bed which is covered with a white cloth , it was a feeling as if THE KING OF ThE KING IS RESTING AND HE IS ABOUT TO STAND, so i was near to IMAM HUSSAIN with a distance not more than my arm , so I am seeing his face below the white cloth , and i feel that i should always be in this position and nothing more is needed , But suddenly i see people passing near the bed of IMAM HUSSAIN a.s and leaving their slippers near the bed , and then I (auzobillah he minal Ana) become unrestfull and i want someone to remove those slippers from there, but no one does that so eventually i have to move away and remove those slippers from there, but when i come back to IMAM HUSSAIN a.s i see other people going for ziaarath of IMAM HUSSAIN a.s so i feel that YES EVERYONE SHOULD BE GIVEN THE OPPURTUNITY TO SEE IMAM, BUT NOT JUST ME. Then I plan to go towards MOULA ABBAS a.s and I wake up .

Since two years I wanted to see IMAM HUSSAIN a.s in my dreams but it never happened but I watched a person claiming to be yamani and i sleep then i see IMAM HUSSAIN a.s so i understood this sign as when you do good work and sleep then you get MASOOM a.s in your dream , Therefore there def. was a sign in Claim and the dream.

Then i started reading the claim of YAMANI from the so i came to read a lot of HADEES and that too with exact reference attached, and eventually what ever question came in my mind it was getting cleared by reading these books and articles on the site, and then i read about other people more than 1000s who are claiming to see AHLEBAIT a.s in their dreams, and the related Hadees about dreams to be the sign of endtimes, and then I saw the Dream interpretation of IMAM JAFFER AS SADIQ a.s regarding what it means if you see IMAM HASSAN OR IMAM HUSSAIN a.s in your dream , where HE a.s says "it means you have met an azeem shia in the night OR you will be attaining shahaadat"

SO i did see the youtube clip of Ahmed AL hasan eventually making him an azeem shia therefore it made me closer to the claim.

so there were many hadees which actually made good sense and a much clearer sense for understanding like the movement of yamani sufyani and khurasani , which will happen once 10,313 will gather and what already happend is zahoor and not khurooj.

therefore one thing that struck me was that i read in ghaibat an numaani where RASOOL s.a.w.a is saying "The mother of MAHDI is a Black Bondmaid, therefore this should be the mother of Ahmed Alhasan ,then after reading more articles i came to know that the mother of Ahmed Al hasan is a black bondmaid .

This is how i spent two months of rigorous study on this subject and through hadees i was sure that this daawa is right and i just needed an approval from ALLAH therefore i(AUZO BILLA HE MINAL ANA) saw istekhaara through QURAN and in my heart i was saying to ALLAH not to show any complicated statement where as one word is fine , and when i opened Quran on top right corner there is a word "HOGAYE" (which indicates HE HAS COME) and the aayat ends.

SO Alhumdolillah the word is clear enough and that exactly happened what i have asked for (one word) so anyway i started reading further and the next aayat was

"these are the people who fear ALLAH and do good deeds "
and the next aayat was
"there are blessings for them in this world and the hereafter is immensely blessed"
and then next aayat was
The verdict of ALLAH doesnt change and this is the biggest victory"

So on the word of victory(which i use to read in hadees a kisa where RASOOL says OH ALI YOU AND YOUR SHIAS ARe VICTORIOUS) my heart was fully confirmed.

So now i should completely accept the daawa but still i was in fear so i gave myself a reason for delay that i should take all the people of my community together so that all of us should do bayt together (so this will give me more time and the claim will reach other people )

but when i went to sleep I saw this dream


I am feeling that someone is LIKE IMAM AL MAHDI and guiding others to join him for the war , so what came in my mind is that they might be doing some kind of irani movie so its better not to see the face, else when ever i will think of IMAM AL MAHDI a.s, this persons face will come , so i am going away from there but then I FEEL that the real IMAM AL MAHDI a.s is crying "NO ONE IS HELPING ME"

after hearing this every thing starts crying saying OH OUR IMAM IS CRYING every stone starts crying , every particle starts crying , and I am also crying , and i see mountains crying and melting and blocking the road, so i feel that IMAM AL MAHDI a.s is pushing the mountains away from the road (depicting as I am crying and calling you for help but i can move mountains by my own )

SO when i woke up in the morning i could not resist any more so i clearly understood that the caller (who is LIKE IMAM E ZAMANA) is different but it is as if IMAM AL MAHDI a.s himself is calling . so I asked ALLAH s.w.t through isteykhaara whether the person who was in my dream who was LIKE IMAM E ZAMANA is AHMED AL HASAN a.s ? So the reply came YES.

So that was it , I couldn't leave my IMAM AL MAHDI crying , and i should do bayat with all my senses where i know that there is no turning back if you take this step , because a person who has seen the hadees from IMAMs that IF YOU ARE BORN IN DEEN AND YOU GET OUT OF IT ONCE THEN KILLING IS WAJIB ON YOU AND SORRY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM YOU. so knowing all the aspects it was very tough but i should take this step right away as i can't leave IMAM AL MAHDI a.s crying .

therefore i eventually accepted the daawa but the fear was still in me , and then I saw another dream


MOULA ABBAS alaihis salaam came in my dream and HE a.s says to me :


SO from that day untill today i feel no fear in me regarding the claim .as i even got an approval from MOULA ABBAS alaihis salaam regarding the claim .

Then there are different hadees which talks about Hazrat Jondab accepting the claim through dream, and Hazrat Wahaab e kalbi saw ISA a.s in the dream and came to help IMAM HUSSAIN a.s and became the martyr of karbala and all shias send salaam upon him just because of his dream.

So we started talking about daawa with our friends and started calling in the home country India - Hyderabad and asking them to read about the claim of IMAM AHMED AL HASAN a.s but everytime we call there was only one reply yes we will read , we were busy , so i was surprised that how come someone can take the matter of a claimer so lightly where i was i was completely unrestfull for two months to make a decision regarding the claim to be right or wrong , and they dont even worry about i came to know that they dont know english OR Arabic , therefore it might be difficult for them to read about the claim ,

SO i started translating the article from IMAM AHMED AL HASAN alaihis salaam in urdu.
"MY MEETING with IMAM AL MAHDI " and i recited the article in my community

so the next days i see this dream ,


Some people are doing salaat and my brother is also in that salaat but untill i reach salaat its almost salaam so what i do with them is 3 takbeer (depicting that i am also included in jamaat) and everyone is saying that AHMED AL HASAN a.s is in front but we could see that he wasn't the one who has done the imaamat of salaat but after salaat as we recite duas at that time IMAM AHMED AL HASAN alaihis salaam has shown us an exercise to be done , but no one is repeating that exercise ,, but i feel that hujjat has shown something then irrespective of others doing it or not we should do it and i try my best to copy him as much as i can and then i ask him whether i almost did it correctly , then he smiles and shook his head (saying yes ) and then IMAM AHMED AL HASAN with his close companions is going back where as concentrating towards me he says

"Shukriyaa allu" (means thanks Allu - thats the name called by my closed ones )

then people starts calling me to ask him to stop (as HE a.s knows me) as they want to ask some questions ,so i run towards IMAM AHMED AL HASAN alaihis salaam and HE a.s went on top of a mountain so when i go on top of the mountain i see two Salaat mats and on top of the mats is noor of IMAM AL MAHDI a.s and IMAM AHMED AL HASAN a.s each. and they both are going back now , so when the noor started elevating then even the salaat mat started elevating ,

I wanted to ask them to stop but what all i could tell them was PEOPLE WANT TO QUESTION YOU REGARDING CLAIM"
so as soon as i said this both the noor swiftly went away , and one of the salaat cloth came towards me .

so one person tells me that due to this actions of ahmed al hasan (exercise after salaat) people are saying he is from hindu mazhab.
so i start explaining them that the hujjat knows more than we do and what ever they are showing we should always follow instead of thinking about which mazhab he is following.So this way I start answerring the questions of people by myself , and then I (auzo billah he minal anaa) fly from the mountains and come down where salaat happened towards my brothers .
and then i woke up from the dream.

So what needs to be said is this fourth dream if it comes in the first place itself then there is no test and i would have easily accepted the daawa , but everyone has some kind of test due to their own deeds , and everyone needs to go through these phases but they should be sincere towards themself and towards haq ,

as we have in hadees that there will be very few who will do bayat of IMAM a.s so definitely we need to be open minded and stay upon haq.

Therefore, i pray for all the momineen to be guided towards Haq - IMAM AHMED AL HASAN alaihis salaam be haqq e AMEERILMOMINEEN .

ilaahi ameen


Woke up at 3:40 AM 16/Nov/2014 22 Muharram sunday morning and writing my dream

I see myself surrounded by my family and relatives and the community where as all of them are cursing me because of IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam ,

and then after a space there is a room (or jail) and IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam is standing there ,

I see IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam and I give him a straight look which is like saying to him - Do you see all the curses i am taking and holding upon myself only for you because you were suppose to rise.

So IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam moved backwards inside the room giving me an indication to come near him, So i go in that room when i go there i still pose the same question on my face asking the reason why isn't he rising ,

There he shows towards a place where IMAM AL MAHDI alaihis salaam is sitting telling me as HE(IMAM AL MAHDI m.a.f.a ) is the reason and he is absolutely waiting for his order , and i am stunned and i get a question how come IMAM AL MAHDI makkaram allaho feeil arz is here so IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam makes me feel that Where ever HE(IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam ) is there, IMAM AL MAHDI alaihis salaam is always there, but no one can see ofcourse untill there is a reason and then IMAM AHMED ALHASAN alaihis salaam informs IMAM AL MAHDI makkaram allaho feeil arz about me and my complain.

As soon as i see ( i don't see actually but i feel he has white beard and a white face and looking very verryy old )So looking at IMAM AL MAHDIm.a.f.a I do sajda and i see him loving me like my own grand father IMAM ALMAHDI m.a.f.a showers love towards me like a joy of an oldddddddddddd grandpa when he looks towards his grandson, He comforts me where as I am crying with my question and at the same time very very happy to meet IMAM AL MAHDIm.a.f.a , i see IMAM AL MAHDIm.a.f.a enjoying with me soo much that he makes me forget all the pain caused by the people around me and he makes me comfortable , and then the dream continues ............
Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us... SubhanaAllah such clear signs and visions mashaAllah. May Allah (swt) enforce your steps and keep you patient in this call and increase you in everything good that brings you closer to the Imam (as) and Him (swt).
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