This is where you can share your dreams, visions and revelations!
Assalamau Alaikum,

I was really excited to see this room opened up and I hope the brothers and sisters all share their dreams and visions, as they are a remembrance and inspiration and it is the Sunnah of the Prophets and Messengers (as). Though the infallible (as) is the only one who can interpret, it's great to ponder with one another and to look into the dream interpretation books and hadiths of the Ahlul Bayt (as), in it all is a remembrance and brings us closer to Allah (swt) and the unseen inshaAllah.

Oct. 23rd, 2014 (after fajr) I was in this small neighborhood in this older house, there were many people there and we were going to college, I remember that someone was late for class and said I have to take an exam and I watched them take an exam on some hologram, drawing lines and vibrational points from one area to the next, and there were questions about energy points that connected from the stars to Earth....

All of a sudden, all I remember is being up on a roof and these bikers were riding their motorcycles up the building, there was a huge hole in the center of the roof, so I ran out there with my cell phone light and got in front of them saying stop, be careful and I ran out in front of the hole.

A couple of them was like yeah thanks, where you from, I said shukran and Alhamdulillah and they were laughing and they were like he is American. They started to leave but one of them stayed behind.... he said that ring you have and I looked down and it was a big ring, red stone, with a lot of engravings on it.... he said one of those symbols represents (and I can't remember what it symbolized), but basically a secret and it was being used by another darker group. When he told me this, an Arab man came out of the garage we were leaning on and looked very suspicious. So I knew right away that this man was part of the group using this symbol for sinister purposes.

The biker guy who stayed behind with me said you need to take it off, (the symbol). I said how, this is a very important ring, I can't get rid of it; he said you don't have to, I'll scratch it off with my ring. He took the ring and began scratching the symbol off.... all of a sudden this HUGE SWARM, and I mean an all-out invasion of HUGE golf ball size hornets started flying everywhere and they were coming at us. We went into the garage and shut the door.... but they broke the garage window, so I said run for the house we have to go.... and we went through what seemed a sandstorm of huge hornets and got into the house and they were all under my shirt on my skin and I was trying to pull them off when all of a sudden I heard:

"The dream of the ark of the covenant, hold it tight and don't ever let it go."

Dream was over.
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