The Survivors is a new series from the Savior of Mankind TV and HashemStudios exclusively available at It is the third installment of the Trilogy which consists of "the Arrivals, the Arrived, and the Survivors."
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By Zolfigarr
MashAllah brother, beautiful job
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By Joseph
SubhanaAllah, how true is the saying from Jesus (as) in regards to this world... Why is it so difficult for us? Why can't we be content and turn our backs to this world like Prophet Ayoub (as)? Instead Ahmed Al Hasan (as) reminds us that in this second physical test, us as people are no better than the worms Prophet Ayoub (as) was pushing back in, in fact even worst than the worms. May Allah forgive us and remove our darkness and sins from the pages of our existence, perhaps we may become mindful. Allahuma salle ala Muhammad, wa ala Muhammad, al A'Emma wal Madiyeen, wa salam Tasleema.

Dua of Abstainers, Psalms of Islam by the fourth Imam (as), Ahmed Al Hasan (as) said it is a salvation for us in this life and the next, for us to memorize it, work with it as much as possible and understand it:

"My God, Thou hast settled us in an abode which has dug for us pits of deception, and Thou hast fastened by the hands of death in the snares of that abodes treachery, in Thee we seek asylum from the tricks of its guile, and to Thee we hold fast, lest we be deluded by the glitter of its ornaments. It destroys its pursuers and ruins its settlers, it is stuffed with blights and loaded with calamities. My God induce us to renounce it, and keep us safe from it by Thy giving success and Thy preservation from sin. Strip from us the robes of opposing Thee, attend to our affairs through Thy good sufficiency. Amplify our increase from the boundless plenty of Thy Mercy. Be liberal in our gifts from the overflow of Thy Grants, plant in our hearts the trees of Thy love, complete for us the lights of Thy knowledge. Give us to taste the sweetness of Thy pardon and the pleasure of Thy forgiveness. Gladden our eyes on the Day of meeting Thee, with the vision of Thee. Dislodge the love of this world from our spirits, just as Thou hast done for the Righteous, Thy selected friends and for the pious, those whom Thou hast singled out. O Most Merciful of the merciful, O Most Generous of the generous."
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By Laila_Ali_123
MashaAllah, amazing job.

Loved the Story of Isa (a.s) and his Conversation with the Dunya. Reminded me of Imam Ali (a.s) talking about the Dunya;

Zirar bin Zamra Zibabi, known as Zirar Suda'i, was a companion of Imam Ali. When, after the martyrdom of Imam Ali (a.s), he went to Damascus, Muawiya called him and asked him to say something about Imam Ali (a.s).
Zirar, knowing that Muawiya hated Imam Ali (a.s) intensely tried to avoid this topic, but Muawiya forced him to speak.
Thereupon, Zirar said, "O Amir, I had often seen Imam Ali (a.s) in the depth of nights, when people were either sleeping or engrossed in amusements, he would be standing in the niche of the Masjid, with tears in his eyes and he would beseech Allah to help him maintain a pious, a virtuous and a noble character and to forsake the world.
He would then address the world, saying;

'O vicious world! Be away from me, why do you come in front of me like this?
Do you want to allure me ? Allah forbid that I should be allured and tempted by you and your pleasures.
It is not possible. Go and try your allurements on somebody else.
I do not desire to own you and do not want to have you.
I have forsaken you thrice. It is like divorcing a woman thrice after which act she cannot be taken back as a wife.
The life of pleasures that you offer is of a very little duration.
There is no real importance in what you offer, the desire of holding you is an insult and a humiliation to sober minds.
Sad is the plight of those who want to acquire you.
They do not provide for the Hereafter.
They have to pass through a long journey over a very difficult road towards a sat destination' "

Zirar says that when he stopped, there were tears in the eyes of Muawiya who said, 'May peace of Allah be upon Abul Hasan Ali bin Abi Talib, he was undoubtedly like that. Now tell me, Zirar! How do you feel his separation?'
Zirar replied, "My sorrow and grief is like that of woman whose only child has been murdered in her lap".
With this remark Zirar walked out of the court of Muawiya and left the city.

Allahumma Salle Ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad al Aimma'ti wal Mehdiyeen wa Sallim Tasleeman Katheera
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By As-Saif
Great video, cant wait for the next part.

May ALlah keep us firm on the path of Ahmed Al-Hassan and grant us all victory over our Ego.
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By npaki786
SubhanAllah wa Alhamduiliah,

this series will be heavy hitting....reading it, pause, letting the words sink in and its only 5 minutes in!

May Allah (swt) be with you o Ansar and make it easy for those of us who are suffering.
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