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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful
Praise to Allah Lord of the Worlds,
Peace and Blessings be upon Muhammad (saws) and his family.

"This thread is dedicated to the 40 days fasting journey and the blessed month of Ramadan this year. InshaAllah a group of Ansar decided to post some narrations from Ahlul Bayt a.s. everyday of this journey to motivate everyone who participates in this year's fasting journey. (Note: this is a READ ONLY thread.) May Allah swt bless all of you, forgive our sins, accept our repentance and our efforts, keep us steadfast and let us attain higher levels each day!"

Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from ibn abu ‘Umayr from Hafs ibn al-Bakhtari in a marfu’ manner from Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (a.s.) who has said the following. "Relax your souls with new sparks of wisdom, because souls also tire as bodies do."

As brother Abdullah wrote in Tads 2nd Semester episode 97 (The 40 day journey begins):

"The Basic Rules are to have good intentions throughout this time, desiring only good and having Love for God and His creatures in your heart. But this in itself is a struggle. To control your Desires and Anger is another goal and for this you should fast these 40 days for it weakens the desires and puts out the fire of Anger. Fasting should consist of Abstaining from water and food and all impurities from Sunrise to Sunset every day. In fact this whole 40 days you should also be trying to control your Sexual Desires so no Sexual acts of any nature or kind. No Selfishness, Greediness or Self Centered Acts should be committed by you at all during this period. Use your time making something constructive. Avoid work unless necessary and do nothing other that worship of Allah, and spend your free time in seclusion without friends or hanging out or partying. And mediate and pray a lot."

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) and the Imams of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s) asserted that: "If a person acts sincerely and purely for forty days, the fountainheads of wisdom will spring up from his heart (they will achieve a certain degree of illumination.)"

Imam 'Ali Zayn al-'Abidin (a.s) narrated that Imam 'Ali (a.s) used to say: "Time is but a period of three days, where you stand in the middle of them - yesterday has gone with all its events and will never return again. So if you did good therein, there is no need to grieve that it has passed on, but rather rejoice at what you have acquired from it. And if you neglected your duties therein or went to excess, then indeed your loss is great, not only as a consequence of your neglect but also because yesterday has now passed on (and with it the opportunity to do good). With respect to tomorrow, you are under a delusion and quite inadvertent - you do not know whether you will even reach that far, and even if you were to live till tomorrow, you might behave in the same way as you did yesterday in neglecting your duties. Your time that matters is the very day on which you have arisen this morning, and it is incumbent upon you that you think and ponder about all the good deeds that you missed yesterday, hence failing to acquire any benefit therein, and to think about all the excess and evil deeds that you failed to stop yourself from committing. So act as one who looks only to the day on which he has arisen, hoping to benefit as much as possible from it. Perform good deeds and abandon evil deeds therein, and Allah is your Helper."

In the words of our beloved Imam Zayn al-Abideen (a.s):

In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-compassionate.
O Allah, bless Muhammad and his Household,
cause our faith to reach the most perfect faith,
make our certainty the most excellent certainty,
and take our intentions to the best of intentions,
and our works to the best of works!
Complete our intentions through Your gentleness,
rectify our certainty through what is with You,
And set right what is corrupt in us through Your power!
O Allah, make the wishing, the doubt and the envy which
Satan throws into our hearts a remembrance of Your
mightiness, a reflection upon Your power, and a devising
against Your enemy!

May Allah (S.W.T) be with all of us on our journeys!! And may He (S.W.T) give us all the strength, courage, and determination to achieve success.

Inshallah, May peace and blessings be bestowed upon you all.
Some of Imam Zain Al Abadeen`s (a.s.) Sayings.. He, peace be upon him, said:

"O son of Adam, you are still in good as long as you preach to yourself , recken it, fear is your under garment, and grief is your outer garment".
"O son of Adam , you shall die, be raised from the dead , be stood before Allah, the Great and Almighty, be questioned, hence prepare an answer"

There is a garden between night and day. Those who obey Allah and fear him enjoy the garden. May Allah have mercy upon you, reciting Quran at the begining of the night, plead (to Allah) and ask (Him) for forgiveness at the end of it .When day time comes, do good within it by refrainng from commiting degrading sins.
May Allah place you and us among those happy when they understand the Quran and avail themselves of its knowledge

Hence be quick, be quick, be wary be wary of this world , its stratagems, the traps which it has set up for you, the ornament with which it has adorned itself for you, the beauty which it has shown for you , the pleasures which it has displayed for you, the destruction and catastrophes which it has concealed from you!

On Noble traits The Imam Zain Al Abadeen (a.s.) says ,

" He who has four traits his Islam is perfect, his sins are forgiven, and he will meet his Lord the Great the Almighty, and he is satisfied with him,
Sincerity: to Allah, the Great the Almighty, through fulfilling men`s rights against him, telling men the truth, shame of everything ugly in the view of Allah and of men, and showing good manners toward his family, " He who has these outstanding traits is indeed a believer, has perfect faith, meets Allah, and he is satisfied with him.

We ask Allah to grant us success in trying to achieve worshiping him in the manner that best pleases Him.
[center]Allah (SWT), the Wise, has said in the Noble Qur'an: He is the Living, there is no god but He, therefore call on Him, being sincere to Him in obedience; (all) praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Surat Ghafir (40:65)[/center]

Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: As for anyone who works to Allah (SWT) sincerely for forty days, Allah (SWT) will make the springs of wisdom come out of his heart and tongue.

Imam Ali (as) said: Perform your deeds with sincerity, for (then, even) a slight of it shall be sufficient for you.

Imam Ali (as) said: This world is wholly ignorance except the situations of knowledge. Knowledge is wholly ignorance except that which is practiced. All the practices are showiness except those which are done heartily. Sincerity, likewise, is insecure before the end result is realized.

Imam Taqi al-Jawad (as) said: Sincerity is the best worship.

First story : Sincere Faith and Worship :
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) has related: "Three persons from the tribe of Bani Israel got together and started out on a journey. On the way, clouds gathered above them and it started to pour with rain and so they sought shelter in a nearby cave.

Suddenly, a large boulder slipped and blocked the entrance to the cave, trapping the three inside and transforming the day into a dark night for them. They had no other alternative except to turn to Allahn (SWT) for help.

"Let us use our sincere deeds as a means to obtain deliverance from this predicament," suggested one of them. All the others agreed with the suggestion.

One of them said, "O' Lord! You are aware that I have an extremely attractive cousin and that I was infatuated and obsessed with her. One day, finding her alone, I took hold of her and wanted to satisfy my carnal desires, when she spoke out to me saying: O' My cousin! Fear Allah (SWT) and do not harm my chastity. Hearing this, I crushed my lustful tendencies and decided against the evil act. O' Lord! If that deed of mine had been out of absolute sincerity and only for the purpose of acquiring Your pleasure, deliver us from grief and perdition."

Suddenly they witnessed that the huge boulder had moved away a little, faintly brightening up the interior of the cave.

The second person spoke out, "O' Lord! You know that I had a father and a mother, so old that their bodies had bent over due to their excessive age, and that I used to tend to them regularly. One night, having brought them their food, I observed that both of them were asleep. I passed the entire night near them, the food in hand, without waking them up for fear of disturbing them. O' Lord! If this deed of mine had been only for the sake of Your pleasure and happiness, open up a way for us and grant us salvation."

As he completed his speech, the group noticed that the boulder had moved aside a little more.

The third person supplicated, "O' Knower of every hidden and manifest! You know Yourself that I had a worker who used to work for me. When his term had reached its termination, I handed over to him his wages, but he was not pleased and desired more and, in a state of dissatisfaction and displeasure, he went away. I used his wage to purchase a goat, which I looked after separately and very soon I had a flock in my possession. After a period of time, the worker again approached me for his wage and I pointed towards the flock of sheep. Initially, he thought I was ridiculing him, but later, realizing my seriousness, took the entire flock and left. O' Lord! If this act had been prompted by sincerity and had only been for Your pleasure, deliver us from this quandary."

At this point the entire boulder moved aside from the mouth of the cave and all three emerged from it, joyous and ecstatic, and continued their journey.
"The greatest reward is one granted for equity"

Second story:*Equity Toward People and Meeting with Wali 'Asr (ajfs) :
A man of knowledge was longing for meeting with Baqiyyat Allah Imam Mahdi (ajfs), and he suffered agonies of not being granted the chance and for a long time he underwent severe austerity and pursued spiritual seeking.

It is well-known among the tullab that every one who finds the honor to go the Masjid-i Sahla to perform the evening and night prayers every Tuesday uninterruptedly for forty nights, they will be graced with meeting the Imam al-'Asr (aj) For a while, he struggled to this end but to no effect. Then he resorted to the occult sciences and numerical symbolism and started self-discipline and other ascetic and rigorous practices in seclusion, anxiously seeking to meet the Hidden Imam (ajfs) but all in vain. However, as a consequence of his nightly vigilance and lamenting and wailing at dawns, he had developed some kind of insight and intuition, and occasionally some illuminating flash would be graced on him. He would fall in ecstasy and rapture, often having certain visions and hearing some subtleties.

In one of these mystical states, he was told: "Your seeing and being granted an audience with Imam al-'Asr (aj) will not be possible, unless you make a trip to such and such a city. Quite difficult as it sounded at first, but for that sacred purpose, it appeared to be so convenient.

After several days the above-mentioned man arrived in that city and yet even there he carried on his self-discipline and ascetic practices in seclusion that intended to last forty days long. On the thirty seventh day, he was told: "Right now Hazrat Baqiyyat Allah, Imam al-'Asr (aj) is in the blacksmiths' bazaar, in a shop belonging to an old locksmith; so, be quick to go now and seek his audience.

He stood up and, as he had already seen in his ecstatic vision, rushed the way down to the old man's shop where he saw the Holy Imam (aj) sitting there and talking amiably with the locksmith. When he greeted, the holy Imam responded and beckoned to keep silent, (implying) watching for a wonderful scene.

At this moment I saw a bent, fragile, old woman with a walking stick who showed us a lock with her shaking hand and said: "Will you, for God's sake, buy this lock from me for "three shahis" ( A shahi equals around a penny ) ,I need three shahis?

The old locksmith took a look at the lock and found it intact, and then said: "My sister! This lock costs "Two abbasis" An abbasi equals four shahis) because its key will cost no more than "ten dinars" ( A dinar equals one-fifth of a shahi ) ; so if you give me ten dinars, I will make a key to this lock and then it will cost ten shahis."

The old woman answered: "No, I do not need that, I only need the money; if you buy this lock from me for three shahis, I will pray for you."

The old man said with utmost naivety: "My sister! You are a Muslim, and I too claim to be a Muslim. So why should I buy a Muslim's property for a low price and deny someone's right? This lock already costs eight shahis; if I want to benefit from it, I'll buy it for seven shahis, for it is unfair to make more that a shahi profit in a deal of only two abbasis. If you are sure you want to sell it, I'll buy it for seven shahis, and I repeat again, the real price is two abbasis. Since I am a businessman I buy it for one shahi less.

The old woman perhaps would not believe what the man said. She was upset and complained that nobody had been willing to buy that price. She said she begged them to buy it for three shahis, because ten dinars would not have sufficed her. The old man paid seven shahis to the old woman and purchased it from her.

I will Visit him! :

When the woman turned back to leave, the Imam (ajfs) said to me:

"My Dear! Did you watch the wonderful scene? You do likewise too, and become like that, then I will come to see you. There is no need for ascetic seclusion and resorting to Jafr (numerical symbolism). Self-discipline and various travels will not be required; instead show good action and be a Muslim so that I can interact with you. Of all people of this city, I picked out this old man, since this man is religious and knows God. And you observed the trial he went through: This old woman requested all in the bazaar, to fulfill her need and since they found her desperate and needy, they were all seeking to buy (her lock) cheap; and nobody bought it even for three shahis. This old man, however, bought it for its real price, i. e., seven shahis. Thus, every week I pay a visit to him and show kindness and amiability to him"
[/center][/spoiler]* Narrated from Zain Aldeen Albakry (May God rest his soul), Whoever continues to read the verse of ( Wal Thuha) [Sora# 93] for 40 days, 40 times each day, then say after he finishes " O rich one, O enricher, enrich me with richness that leaves me not afraid of any poverty after, and guide me as i am astray, and teach me as i am ignorant."
God will send whom will teach him the wisdom in his sleep or awakening, according to his diligence and willingness.
/thanks to brother Saihat Jibreel for this translation to the english langage :thumbup: /
The Significance of 40 Days, question explained from Al Mutashabihaat

Part One;

40 days journey is considered an important one because it puts knowledge and teachings into action. Yes action and work. So no wonder when we find Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s telling us: WORK AND WORK AND WORK, because in work is your SALVATION. It's not enough to know something, but to work with the thing we knew and make our work devoted sincerely to Allah. So the intention is important too.

Imam Ahmad a.s said:
Hastening the Faraj (Relief) is in your hands. And that it depends on your work, your devotion in the work and your patience.

The Ego is the barrier that is holding us back, so "Identify it, reject it, and eradicate it for the sake of Allah".

Fighting the Ego is of two sides; the first side is in this physical world and the second is in the Kingdom and spiritual world. As the man is a compound of body and spirit “Rooh” (or the soul “Nafs”, i.e. the mouthpiece embedded in the Heavens in the minimum degree of the spirit “Rooh”).

Whereas fighting the ego in this physical world is fulfilled by having high moral standards; thus the most important one is generosity, The Al-Mighty said: {and they opt on account of themselves though they are in need} The Holy Qur’an (59:9). So the believer should expend for the sake of Allah on the poor, needy and fighters through providing them with the necessary equipage to fight the enemy of Allah. Thus, the best of generosity is when the person is in need or shortage {and they opt on account of themselves though they are in need}. Moreover the believer shouldn’t wish to be ahead of the believers or gain leading positions, it’s narrated from Prophet (pbuh&f) what means: (who goes ahead of the believers while he knows there’s better than him within them; Allah will throw him in hell on his face), so this is enough and I will leave the detailing to the believers.

Whereas fighting the Ego in the spiritual world is fulfilled by reflection and thinking. The Prophet (pbuh&f) said to Ali (a.s) what means: (O Ali, an hour of thinking is better than the worship of thousand years).

And don't let this materialistic world seduce you with it's ornaments.

Imam Sadiq (as) said: All evil is placed in a house and its key is love for this world. All good is placed in a house and its key is abstinence in this world.

Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) said: You are not created for annihilation and mortality, but you have been created for survival and eternal living, and it is only by death that you are transferred from this lodging to other housing.

Imam Zein elabdin (as) said: The world and its affairs will seem insignificant for the one with great and cleric personality.

Imam Muhammad Bagher (as) said: To recognize the world insignificant is the highest stage of certainty in faith.
The 40 Day Significance Part Two

Ali ibn Abi Hamzeh narrated that Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:
"May God have Mercy upon those who make us loved by the people, and not hated by them. I swear by God that if they quote our good sayings for others, they will become dearer and no one can ascribe anything to them."

Imam Hussein (a.s) said:
“God will make you needless of the people if you prefer God's pleasure over the people's dissatisfaction. And God will leave you alone if you prefer the people's pleasure over God's dissatisfaction.”

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:
“The most important aspect of obedience to God is being content with and being patient with what God has decreed whether we like it or not. And when one is content with what God has decreed for him, whether he likes it or not, that which is decreed is best for him.”

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:
“God the Almighty, the Blessed revealed the following to the Prophet David (a.s): “Whoever from among My servants gets disappointed with My creatures and takes refuge in Me, I shall realize his intentions. Then even if the Heavens and the Earth and whatever they contain plot against him, I shall provide means for him to be saved from them. And I shall know the intentions of whomever from among My servants who take refuge in others. Then I will take away from him all the means in the Heavens and the Earth, and leave him alone. I will not be concerned about where he will die.”

Imam Sadiq (a.s) narrated that Imam Ali (a.s) always said:
“Whoever wishes spiritual richness but does not quench his anger will die in sorrow.”

Imam Sadiq (a.s) quoted on the authority of the Prophet (a.s):
"Good temper will melt your sins just as the sun melts frozen goods. Bad temper will spoil your deeds just as vinegar spoils honey."

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:
"There are three acts which we must do no matter what happens: honor whatever we are entrusted with whether it belongs to a good person or a bad one; honor our promises whether they be to a good person or a bad one; and treat our parents with kindness whether they are good or bad."

Imam Sadiq (a.s) quoted on the authority of Imam Sajjad (a.s):
"One can recognize the perfection of a Muslim's religion by his not talking in vain, not quarrelling, being patient and being good-tempered."

Imam Baqir (a.s) said:
"Three things are back-breaking: overestimating one's deeds, forgetting one's sins and only considering one's own viewpoints."

Imam Baqir (a.s) said:
"If a man treats his parents kindly when they are alive, but does not ask God to forgive them when they die, he will be disowned by his parents. If a man is disowned by his parents while they are living, but often asks God for their forgiveness after they die, he will be considered as a good-doer."

Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:
"A believer is not immune from the following:
1- Another jealous believer, this being the easiest problem,
2- A hypocrite trying to find his faults,
3- An enemy who fights with him,
4- Satan who tries to corrupt him."

[spoiler]Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Husayn from Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from Safwan ibn Yahya from Dawud ibn al-Husayn from ‘Umar ibn Hanzala who has said the following.

"I asked Imam abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) about the two people with a dispute between them on the issue of debts or inheritance and they go to the king or the judges for a decision is it permissible to seek such decisions?"

The Imam replied, "Whoever would go to them for a judgement in a right or wrongful matter it is like seeking the judgment of the devil. Anything received through such judgment would like consuming filth even if it would one’s established right. It is because of receiving through the judgment of the devil and Allah has commanded to reject the devil, "yet choose to take their affairs to Satan for judgment even though they are commanded to deny him. Satan wants to lead them far away from the right path. (4:60)"

I said, "What should then they do?"

The Imam replied, "They must look for one among you who have narrated our Hadith and have studied what is lawful and unlawful in our teachings and have learned our laws they must agree to settle their dispute according to his judgment because I have made him over you a ruler. When he may judge according to our commands and then it is not accepted from him the dissenting this judgment has ignored the commands of Allah and it is rejection of us. Rejecting us is rejecting Allah and that is up to the level of paganism and considering things equal to Allah."

I said, "What if each one of such disputing parties would chose a man from among our people and agree to accept their judgment but these two man would come up with different judgments and they would have differences in your Hadith?"

The Imam replied, "The judgment will be the judgment of the one who has a more just, having more better understanding of the law, Fiqh, the more truthful in Hadith and the more pious of the two. The judgment of the other one will be disregarded."

I said, "What if both (of such judges) would be just and accepted among our people and none of them would have been any preference over the other?"

The Imam replied, "One must consider and study the hadith that each one of them would narrate from us as to which has received the acceptance of all of your people. Such Hadith must be followed and the one, which rarely accepted and is not popular in your people, must be disregarded because the one popularly accepted is free of doubts. The nature of cases are of three kinds: (a) A case that is a well-known and true to follow. (b) A case that is well known to be false to stay away from. (c) And a confusing case the knowledge of which must be left to Allah and His Prophet for an answer. The holy Prophet has said, ‘There is the clearly lawful and the clearly unlawful and the confusing cases. One who stays away from the confusing ones he has protected himself against the unlawful ones. Those who follow the confusing matters they indulge in unlawful matters and will be destroyed unexpectedly."

I said, "What if both Hadith from you would be popular and narrated by the trustworthy people from you?"

The Imam replied, "One must study to find out which one agrees with the laws of the Quran and the Sunnah and it does not agree with the laws of the those who oppose us. Such Hadith must be accepted and the one that disagree with the laws of the Quran and the Sunnah and coincides the masses must be disregarded."

I said, "May Allah take my soul in the service of your cause, What if both Faqih, scholars of the law would have deduced and learned their judgment from the book and the Sunnah and found that one of the Hadith agrees with the masses and the other disagrees with the masses which one must be followed?"

The Imam replied, "The one which disagrees with the masses must be followed because in it there is guidance."

I said, "May Allah take my soul in the service of your cause, what if both Hadith would agree with the masses?"

The Imam replied, "One must study to find out of the two the one that is more agreeable to their rulers and judges must be disregarded and the other must be followed."

I said, "What if both Hadith would agree with their rulers?"

The Imam replied, "If such would be the case it must be suspended until you meet your Imam. Restraint in confusing cases is better than indulging in destruction."
Month of Ramadan in Which The Qur`an Was Revealed

Ramadan is a very spiritual month a time for a greater awakening and reflection, that will be gracing us with its arrival once again Alhamdulilah
The Qur'an was revealed to our Prophet Mohammed (pbuhahf) on the actual night called Laylat Al Ghadr, to stand
in prayer on this one night is said to be better than a thousand months of worship.
It is easier to do good in this month because the devils have been chained in Hell, this doesn't mean that we wont behave badly, but any evil that we do, will consequently come from within our own-selves, without any additional encouragement from Satan, may Allah guide us and grant us determination to worship Him with all sincerety.

Good actions bring a greater reward during this month, than at any other time of year, because this month has been blessed by Allah the Exalted, we have to try to give up bad habits, and try to become better people, by repenting asking forgiveness for all our sins, praying more, and reading the Qur'an.

.Imam Reza (a.s.) has said:
If one asks, "Why is it that the fasts were made obligatory exclusively in the month of Ramadhan and not in the other months?" it would be said, "(this is) because the month of Ramadhan is the month in which Allah, the Exalted, had revealed the Qur'an." Bihar al-Anwar, vol.: 18, Pg,: 190

Bismilah Al Rahmaan Al Raheem:
The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)(Al Baqarqh 2:185)

Reward for Recitation of the Qur'an
Imam Reza (a.s.) has said:
Someone who recites one verse from the Book of Allah, The Mighty, The Glorious, in the month of Ramadhan, is like one who has recited the entire Qur'an in the other months. Bihar al-Anwar, vol.: 93, Pg.: 344

The Supplication of Imam Reza (a.s.) for the Coming of the Month of Ramadan..

Praise belongs to God who guided us to His praise
and placed us among the people of praise,
that we might be among the thankful for His beneficence
and that He might recompense us for that
with the recompense of the good-doers!

And praise belongs to God who
showed favour to us through His religion,
singled us out for His creed,
and directed us onto the roads of His beneficence,
in order that through His kindness we might travel upon them
to His good pleasure,

a praise which He will accept from us
and through which He will be pleased with us!
And praise belongs to God who appointed among those roads His month,
the month of Ramadan,
the month of fasting,
the month of submission,
the month of purity,
the month of putting to test,
the month of standing in prayer,
in which the Qur'an was sent down as guidance to the people,
and as clear signs of the Guidance and the Separator!

He clarified its excellence over other months
by the many sacred things and well-known excellencies
which He placed therein,
for He made unlawful in it what He declared lawful in others
to magnify it,
He prohibited foods and drinks in it
to honour it,
and He appointed for it a clear time which He
(majestic and mighty is He)
allows not to be set forward
and accepts not to be placed behind.

5 Then He made one of its nights surpass the nights
of a thousand months
and named it the Night of Decree;
in it the angels and the Spirit descend
by the leave of their Lord upon every command,
a peace176 constant in blessings
until the rising of the dawn
upon whomsoever He will of His servants
according to the decision He has made firm.

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
inspire us with knowledge of its excellence,
veneration of its inviolability,
and caution against what Thou hast forbidden within it,
and help us to fast in it
by our restraining our limbs
from acts of disobedience toward Thee
and our employing them
in that which pleases Thee,
so that we lend not our ears to idle talk
and hurry not with our eyes to diversion

we stretch not our hands toward the forbidden
and stride not with our feet toward the prohibited,
our bellies hold only what Thou hast made lawful
and our tongues speak only what Thou
hast exemplified,
we undertake nothing but what brings close to
Thy reward
and pursue nothing but what protects from
Thy punishment!
Then rid all of that from the false show of the false showers
and the fame seeking of the fame seekers,
lest we associate therein anything with Thee
or seek therein any object of desire but Thee!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
in it make us attend
to the appointed moments of the five prayers within
the bounds Thou hast set,
the obligations Thou hast decreed,
the duties Thou hast assigned,
and the times Thou hast specified;
and in the prayers make us alight in the station of
the keepers of their stations,
the guardians of their pillars,
their performers in their times,
as Thy servant and Thy messenger set down in his Sunna
(Thy blessings be upon him and his Household)
in their bowings, their prostrations, and all their
excellent acts,
with the most complete and ample ritual purity
and the most evident and intense humility!

Give us success in this month to
tighten our bonds of kin with devotion and gifts,
attend to our neighbours with bestowal and giving,
rid our possessions from claims,
purify them through paying the alms,
go back to him who has gone far from us,
treat justly him who has wronged us,
make peace with him who shows enmity toward us
(except him who is regarded as an enemy
in Thee and for Thee,
for he is the enemy whom we will not befriend,
the party whom we will not hold dear),
and seek nearness to Thee through blameless works
which will purify us from sins
and preserve us from renewing faults,
so that none of Thy angels will bring for Thee
the kinds of obedience and sorts of
unless they be less than what we bring!

O God,
I ask Thee by the right of this month
and by the right of him who worships Thee within it
from its beginning to the time of its passing,
whether angel Thou hast brought nigh to Thee,
prophet Thou hast sent,
or righteous servant Thou hast singled out,
that Thou bless Muhammad and his Household,
make us worthy of the generosity Thou hast promised
Thy friends,
make incumbent for us
what Thou hast made incumbent
for those who go to great lengths in obeying Thee,
and place us in the ranks of those
who deserve through Thy mercy the highest elevation!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
turn us aside from
deviation in professing Thy Unity,
falling short in magnifying Thee,
in Thy religion,
blindness toward Thy path,
heedlessness of Thy inviolability,
and being deceived by Thy enemy, the accursed Satan!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
and when in every night of this month's nights
Thou hast necks
which Thy pardon will release
and Thy forgiveness disregard,
place our necks among those necks
and place us among the best folk and companions
of this our month!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
efface our sins
along with the effacing of its crescent moon,
and make us pass forth from the ill effects of our acts
with the passing of its days,
until it leaves us behind,
while within it Thou hast purified us of offenses
and rid us of evil deeds!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household,
and should we go off to one side in this month,
set us aright;
should we swerve,
point us straight;
and should Thy enemy Satan enwrap us,
rescue us from him!

O God,
fill this month with our worship of Thee,
adorn its times with our obedience toward Thee,
help us during its daytime with its fast,
and in its night with prayer and pleading toward Thee,
humility toward Thee,
and lowliness before Thee,
so that its daytime may not bear witness
against our heedlessness,
nor its night against our neglect!

O God,
make us like this in the other months and days
as long as Thou givest us life,
and place us among Thy righteous servants,
those who shall inherit Paradise,
therein dwelling forever,
those who give what they give,
while their hearts quake,
that they are returning to their Lord,
those who vie in good works,
outracing to them!

O God,
bless Muhammad and his Household
in every time, in all moments, and in every state,
to the number that Thou hast blessed whomsoever
Thou hast blessed
and to multiples of all that, through multiples
which none can count but Thee!
Surely Thou art Accomplisher of what Thou desirest.
The destruction or in some opinions the controlling of the NAFS

The Prophet (s) said: "There are two impulses in the soul, one from an angel which calls towards good and confirms truth; whoever finds this let him know it is from God and praise Him. Another impulse comes from the enemy which leads to doubt and denies truth and forbids good; whoever finds this, let him seek refuge in God from the accursed devil." Then he recited the verse: "The devil shows you fear of poverty and enjoins evil upon you" (2:268) [Tirmidhi: hasan; Nisa'i; `Iraqi did not weaken it].

Inshallah let us embrace poverty of materialism and the endless wealth of knowing Allah in all sincerity.

[size=150][size=150]Hasan al-Basri said: "Two thoughts roam over the soul, one from God, one from the enemy. God shows mercy on a servant who settles at the thought that comes from Him. He embraces the thought that comes from God, while he fights against the one from his enemy. To illustrate the heart's mutual attraction between these two powers the Prophet (s) said: "The heart of a believer lies between two fingers of the Merciful" [Muslim, Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]... The fingers stand for upheaval and hesitation in the heart... If man follows the dictates of anger and appetite, the dominion of shaytan appears in him through idle passions [hawa] and his heart becomes the nesting-place and container of shaytan, who feeds on hawa. If he does battle with his passions and does not let them dominate his nafs, imitating in this the character of the angels, at that time his heart becomes the resting-place of angels and they alight upon it...

Let us be as obedient as the angels Inshallah. Let us realize piety is an embarcing of God's might and power and a respect and appreciation for everything Allah is and does for us. Let our hearts be heald in between his fingers Inshallah.

The Prophet (s) said: "There is none among you in whom there is not a devil" They said: "Even in you, O Messenger of God?!" He said: "Even in me, but God helped me to overcome him and he has submitted to me, so he doesn't order anything except good" [Muslim]... The mutual repelling of the soldiers of the angels and the devils is constant in the battle over the heart, until the heart is conquered by one of the two sides which sets up its nation and settles there... And most hearts have been seized by the soldiers of shaytan, who fill them with the whispers that call one to love this passing world and disregard the next. [/size]

Let us be among those whom have nestled in their hearts the army of Allah. And be clost to whom are close companions of the Angels. Inshallah let us be like the children of light. Let us all INshallah defeat our ego and realize the potentials bound for us when the Nafs has been destructed.

"For whoever seeks God Most High, must take pains and ask for sincerity in the secret of his heart until the door is opened for him. When the door opens and the gift is given, at that time the cost of his journey will be repaid in full. He will be strengthened and continue on his way, and the further he goes the more his gift is increased for him and he continues even further. This does not stop until he reaches God through his heart (hatta yasil ilallah qalban). At that time God appoints him according to his degree and he becomes a Friend of God (waliyyullah). He has made his heart stand still in the presence of God wherefore he received his ap- pointment. From that point he proceeds to works with a heart strong with God's strength and rich with God's wealth, with a faultless ego free from sins and devils. He has parted ways with vain passions and the pursuit of honor and he has purified himself."
In the name of Allah, Most Glorious, Exalted
Bless Muhammad (saws) and his pure progeny (as)

Today is a very special and important day. For today, Allah (SWT) has blessed us with a new day.

-Every day that dawns on a person says to him: "O son of Adam! I am a new day, and I am a witness over you, so make sure you do good today, make sure you do good today, for then I will bear witness in your favor on the Day of Judgment, and you will never see me again after today.- Imam Ja'afer al-Sadiq (AS)

Indeed we have been blessed with a new day filled with new opportunities to perform good acts and abandon the acts which will cause our souls to separate from us.

-Verily, Allah, Blessed and Most High, assists the believer with His Spirit, which comes to him whenever he is good and careful of his duty to Allah, and which disappears from him whenever he sins or transgresses.- Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS)

-Curb your soul from all that harms it, before it separates from you- Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (AS)

So May Allah (SWT) grant us success in the destruction of our selfs (Nafs) and not in the destruction of our souls. May Allah (SWT) provide us with the means necessary to seize every opportunity in this new day, and every other day we are blessed with. For indeed, our time is limited, so May Allah (SWT) limit our time to good. For when today passes, we may never see tomorrow, so may Allah (SWT) make today the day for pleasant action, for indeed, when the day of reckoning comes all chances for opportunities will have passed. So may Allah (SWT) give us the strength to fill today and our days to come with only that which will bring us closer to Him, Most Merciful, Most High.

-Today is the day of preparation, while tomorrow is the day of race. The place to proceed to is Paradise while the place of doom is Hell.- Imam Ali (AS)

"You are in a test in this world and have to render account about it. Certainly this world is a dirty watering place and a muddy source of drinking.
It's appearance is attractive and its inside is destructive. It is a deception. A vanishing reflection and a bent pillar. When its despiser begins to like it and he who is not acquainted with it feels satisfied with it, then it raises and puts down its feet (in joy), entraps him in its trap, makes him the target of its arrows and puts round his neck the rope of death taking him to the narrow grave and fearful abode in order to show him his place of stay and the recompense of his acts. This goes on from generation to generation. Neither death stops from cutting them asunder nor do the survivors keep aloof from committing of sins." Imam Ali, Prince of the believers (AS).

May Allah (SWT) strengthen our Faith, allow our actions today to be better than our actions were yesterday and may He (SWT) protect us from the deception of this world, and from the fear of taking action when an opportunity arises to do good.

- For verily, opportunity fleets away like the clouds- Imam Ali (AS)

God Bless, and may we all seek refuge in Allah, the Wise and Exalted, in times of desperation and need. For with Allah (SWT) lies our salvation.

"Work all of you, and be in the jihad with your selves, perhaps Allah has mercy on you, and chooses you, and ends you well. For none of the the people have a preference except by dedication to Allah." Ahmad Al-Hassan (AS)
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