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By MerkabaVeil
Interesting overview & introduction about colors. In my experience and understanding:

Black, red, Brown orange, yellow, Turquoise are the colors of the earth. Their benefits and harms are of the earthly realms. Similarly, Blue, Purple/Violet, Grey,Pink, Golden, White are the colors of the heaven. They corresponds to the heavenly realms with respective benefits and harms (yes heavenly harms, buts its another topic of discussion). T

Green color strikes the balance between the earths and the heavens. That is why it is the color of paradise. And Quran gives us an example of Khidr (Green) who was engaged in both earthly and heavenly realms at the same point in time, so i think Khidr peace be upon him had a green aura and not a white one.

I personally love green. So, i am also biased towards it. But I have also experimented with different frequencies of colors, and in my observations and research green light is certainly a mediator between earths and heavens.

Green is related to the color of the heart in Yogic Chakra system.

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By disciple
MashaAllah excellent information and scientific explanation plus amazing artlook may Allah swt reward ansari artists
Agreed! I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Now I must buy yellow or white slippers or shoes...
disciple wrote:MashaAllah excellent information and scientific explanation plus amazing artlook may Allah swt reward ansari artists
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By Abdallah-El-Amin
Asselam Aleikum rahmetulahi veberakatuhu,

I remember couple of months ago my friend was doing an activist project and he accidently picked some colors for the brand and it immediately ringed some hidden bells within me so I started to research a bit since instinctively I felt something was off.


Color programing has been used by the elite, illuminati, djjal system however you want to call it to manipulate humanity into submission since...well I guess since cursed Iblis noticed how our eye connection really works.

Anyway I have been seeing certain color tones in combination all over the place, for example light blue+yellow, like Ukraine flag or Masonic regalia, famous "Blue lodge", Jung found that the color blue of the heavenly sky has been in many cultures and beliefs a symbol of spirituality. He contrasts this with red as a symbol of emotion. If you look at it biologically the eye channel 3 is blue and yellow, where blue is special because yellow is created from previous channels and blue is just there for that channel...I remember something about black and white channel being primary so beings can recognize night and day, then red and greed so it can gain the edge of knowing what to eat and then blue...we could write essays on blue.
I have noticed that most countries that have Blue and Yellow flags are straight up colonies of the Djjal system, either completely subjugated or proud carriers of the idea, for example of subjugation we have Bosnia and Herzegovina witch is divided into 3 regions and had flag forced upon it via Dayton treaty after war, or as an example of proud carrier of the idea would be EU...or NATO. Blue has very low wave length almost going to violet while yellow is on the top, so combination automatically creates a certain disharmony if the tones are used precisely.

"The combination of red and blue into purple or violet, is the color of the York Rite Mark, Past, and Most Excellent Master degrees which fall between the degree of Master Mason and that of the Royal Arch. Mackey says that the color purple in this case therefore symbolizes the close connection and harmony which should ever exist between these two portions of the Masonic System. This would indicate a transitional blending from blue toward red. Portal's Symbolic Colors states that purple, in the profane language of colors, symbolizes constancy in spiritual combats because blue denotes fidelity and red, war. We know that purple has always been an emblem of exalted office and purple the legendary color of the robes of kings and high priests. The purple dye at that time reportedly could only be produced by crushing a certain shellfish, murex, from Phoenicia, which made it very expensive and contributed to limiting its use."

Jungian explanation would be the successful integration within the personality of the spiritual mind and the zealous mind to attain a higher level of consciousness and self-knowledge.

Purple has also been linked to cannibalism, human sacrifice, Phoenician deity baal, it is the color of suicide victims and color of Saturn...
Do you know about that song : "One eyed one horned flying purple people eater" it was supposed to be fun children song but there is nothing fun about it if you consider there are child eating monsters in high places today.

To make this a bit shorter I will just put up some links on mind control and how the colors have been used and I am sure how they are used in day to day life if nothing else to make us look at certain products and buy them...we have all noticed that the food shopping centers are usually always green and red.

Opponent-process theory is a psychological and neurological model that accounts for a wide range of behaviors, including color vision:

Maybe you know of Svalia (allegedly ex illuminati mind programmer:
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... li1_05.htm

China lake CA:
http://thewe.cc/thewe_/_/illuminati/min ... slave.html

how they color coded their victims:
http://thewe.cc/thewe_/_/illuminati/min ... _Ribbons__

Masons on color:
http://www.masonicworld.com/education/f ... asonry.htm

Allhamdulilah for the Muhammad Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi Wassalam for giving us clear instructions how not to get caught in this intricate web of manipulations of witch color coding and psychology is just one small part. Without Allahs s.w.t.a mercy to the world we would surely be lost and doomed.

:clap: Thank you so much for this video and for the hadithi on colors. I envy people in middle east you have nice dry weather you can always wear pure white tunics and turbans in the continent its a bit tricky to keep clean, you cannot buy it anywhere and people are narrow-minded sheep.

All glory is to the Allah subhanuka wete alla and all mistakes are mine and I do apologize for them English is not my native language and it is really early after very few hours of sleep.


Did you know that Kaaba was shrouded in Yemeni white by Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi Wassalam? Not this black cube that has complete different connotations symbolically...way to go Saud family I bet someone is keeping them on a short leash with mind programing.
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