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By MerkabaVeil
Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two Wests.
Lord of the two sunrises and Lord of the two sunsets.

Qur'an 55: 17

Today, as I was contemplating upon the Ayats of the Allah and aly Muhamed, I awoke to this realization about the hidden possible meaning of this verse and what this possible verse is pointing towards.

In context of this particular Hadeeth:

Prophet of Allah pbuhaf said: By us He (SWT) opened the matter, and by us he sealed it, and by us the people have been saved in the first age, and by us will have justice fulfilled in the End of times (Malahem Wal Fitan By Ibn Tawoos p.165)

And numerous other narrations and interpertations of Ahlul Bayt:

The two Easts could mean Prophet Muhamed (sawa) and Imam Ali a.s.

As the matter was initiated i.e. reality came into existence by their blessings as Allah send salawat on Prophet Muhammed (sawa) as he became the first dot of creation and oscillating veil and Prophet (sawa) chose Imam Ali a.s. to interact with creation so the matter began.

And the two Wests could mean Imam Al asr wa Zaman Muhamed Ibn Al Hassan a.s. and Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.

As the example of Imam Al Mahdi (a.s.) is the example of Prophet Muhamed (sawa) and other Qaims in the past generations (I mean Prophets a.s. like Prophet Moses & Noah a.s). This is considering their distinct relation with their vicegerents or partner (if you will) in establishing the impeccable truth of Allah.

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s.) is the Ali (as) of Prophet Muhammed (sawa). He is the Ahlul-Bayt and with them the matter is sealed (reached its final destination or realization).

We also know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So thats 1 complete day and the whole universe follows such pattern. EG. The pattern of life and death etc.

Hence, the ayat:

Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two Wests.
Lord of the two sunrises and Lord of the two sunsets.

Qur'an 55: 17

What is the significance? We all know that Ahlul Bayt are the Veil of Allah, so we spend all our time and efforts learning about their rank and echoing speeches after speeches in their glory and how they are the doorway to Allah.

With rising in degrees day by day sometimes we forget the purpose, as we are too passionate about Prophet Muhamed and his Ahlul-bayt. What is the end-point? How will our dissolution into Huwa happen?

Here the above Ayat can help you get back on track.. If you just listen what the ayat is whispering? You will be enlightened by the truth:

He (Huwa) is indeed the LORD of EASTS and WESTS.

He IS truly the LORD of ALPHA & OMEGA.


SO dissolution will HAPPEN when your ALPHA and OMEGA dissolves.



But we all have to first dissolve in Muhamed and Aly Muhamed.

For that to happen. Lets send a Salawat:

Allahumma Salle Ala Muhamed Wa Aly Muhamed!!

Quran is alive and its each verse can have different meanings and interpretations at separate times. The information above is based on my personal understanding. Please share what Imam Ahmed (as) has to say more regarding this particular ayat. As far as i know, He has interpreted as Imams and Mahdis.
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By Mohsin
Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

interesting post.

I have also contemplated 55:17,

The conclusion I came to was quite different to yours. Quite unrelated actually.

During the time of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh, the known world at that time, was geographically limited to the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa - the Americas were not "discovered" yet - but, people were living in the Americas since time immemorial, as we know from the historical record.

From this persepctive, I find that the term "the two easts and the two wests" sits perfectly in concordance with nature and physics.

It's a simple explanation, and the Quran is book which does not contain complicated concepts - it's a book which is revealed in a clear and pure Arabic, with no confusions.

Those people who lived in Africa, Asia or Europe were totally unaware of a separate landmass until Columbus supposedly "discovered" it... i'd like to add at this point, that the Muslims were great explorers and proof of this is found in the fact that Columbus found a Mosque in Cuba - and other locations - especially on hills and mountains. So I believe that Muslims had actually made it to the Americas before Columbus did... what inspired them to find this new land mass? Could it be 55:17?

Thus, my conclusion is that the ayah in question, refers specifically to the known and the then unknown landmasses of the earth.

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