A place for discussing the classes of the Ansary School in Egypt
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By Zeebee

I'm new to the forum and after doing a bit of reading and research i want to pay a visit to the ansary school in Egypt. Do you have a address or a contact number?

Thank You :D
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By jimbowzee24
wa alikum sallam akhi,

where are you from brother? Have you come across this call of Sayed Ahmad Al-HAssan (as)?? What are your thought on this??

Fi aman allah,

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By As-Saif
Salam alaikum brother,
just sent a PM to Abdullah Hashem via this forum and inshalla he will arrange the visit with you.
You might have to wait a few days for an answer but the Ansar of Egypt will be very glad to welcome you here inshalla.
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