The Epic Documentary Series from the Minds behind the Arrivals and the Antichrist Dajjal Series
A'oodhu Billaahi minash-shaitaanir-rajeem
Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil 'Alameen

Allahuma Salle ala Muhammad, wa Aali Muhammad, Al A'Emma, wal Madiyeen, wa Salam Tasleeman Katheera

God bless the Ansari of Imam Ahmed al Hassan al Yamani as., and always keeps you protected from all evil, men and jinn, and all sorts of accidents and illness, Inshallah...

Allahuma Salle ala Muhammad, wa Aali Muhammad, Al A'Emma, wal Madiyeen, wa Salam Tasleeman Katheera
We left the west for the sake of our Imam Ahmed Al Hasan a.s. to be part of the prophesied Minbar of Egypt, and what an honour and privilege that is, may Allah accept our efforts in working to support our Imam a.s..
There was a time when in longing i would yearn to see Imam Mahdi a.s in my life time and held on tightly to the remembrance of the Ahl Al Bayt pbut in what i call a dark society, but now, right now, we have a living breathing Imam from the Ahl Al Bayt, how wonderful is that? how amazing is that? in our lifetimes, SubhanAllah Al Atheem All Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds. All those who have passed through our doors thank you for visiting us and helping us, forgive us our short comings, we miss you and we are glad we spent that time with you. May Allah bless you all wherever you may be and may he plant your feet firmly in continuing to spread the Divine Call of the Imam of our time a.s..

Much love to every Ansar around the world, may Allah gather us all together in paradise..Ameen
It makes me happy to look at this movie and see that my brothers and sisters in Egypt are alright Elhemdulilah. Keep doing what you're doing, may Allah bless you all. I hope I can join you soon our otherwise in another place InshaAllah under the banner of imam Al Mahdi a.s.

Great job done by brother Abdullah by making this movie, it makes you smile when watching :thumbup:
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