The Epic Documentary Series from the Minds behind the Arrivals and the Antichrist Dajjal Series
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By The+Seeker
Please let me know what is meant by Abdullah is Dead in The Arrived?? Which Abdullah is mentioned there?? The Saudi Prince Abdullah?? But 1 Thing That I found in Wikipedia was That he is still Alive.. Were u meant Fahad is dead or U realy Meant it with Abdullah?? Kindly Please let me know about it.. Coz i am so much confused??? Will be highly Thankful to U...
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By Labbayk_Ahmed
Salam Alykom,

That part from the Arrived was talking about the signs of the End Times which includes the death of Fahd and giving the rule to his brother Abdullah .. who would also die, his death would be a good news of Imam Mahdi's appearance according to the following hadiths:

It was narrated from the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP that he said "A man will rule in Hijaz that bears a name of an animal, if you looked at him you would assume he is lazy-eyed from far, and if you come closer to him, you will not see anything wrong with his eyes, a brother of his will succeed him and his name will be Abdullah, I warn my Shias from him ,he repeated it three times, if you give me the good news of his death I will give you the good news of the appearance of the Hujja (Al-Mahdy)" 250 signs p.122

The ruler Fahad (Fahad is the Arabic name of leopard) has ruled Al-Hijaz and his brother Abdullah came after him and he is trying to recuperate before his death and as it is known to everyone. His death shall be one of the important signs.

It is narrated from Abi Baseer he said: I heard Abi Abdullah PBUH saying "Whoever guarantees for me the death of Abdullah I shall guarantee for him the Riser, and then he said: If Abdullah dies the people will not gather with anyone after him, and this matter will not end without your companion (Saheb) by the will of Allah, and then the kingdom of years will go away and the kingdom of the months and days will come, I said: Will it last for long? He said: No" Bihar Al Anwar v.52 p.210.
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By The+Seeker
Yeah Now i got it... I was also thinking the same but decided to conform it... well is there any source of getting to Imam Ahmad Al Hassan Yamani???
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By Khaulah Aamir
Assalam o Alaykum WR, WB...
As far as Abdullah is concerned, I've heard the news that he is clinically dead, but the Saudi government is silent upon this matter...
I've also come across the news saying he is perfectly fine... :think:
Allah SWT knows the Best...!!!
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By Labbayk_Ahmed
Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan has come with a message of reformation and teaching people the religion of Allah.. so you would find the Imam writing alot of books and statements in different aspects of life which helps the believer to approach Allah swt, you can read the books, proofs, statements, etc. of the Imam here:

And if you had a question that is not already answered in the books of the Imam, you can write it here Inshallah
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By Taymour
The hadiths also mention that if he dies, this matter would be concealed from the public for a time, so even if he has passed away, perhaps at the moment they are hiding the matter from the people. Allah swt knows best..
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By Khaulah Aamir
My dad told me that all sorts of activities have been ceased in Saudi Arabia, including the stuff like the exit/re-entry of visas and renewal of residence permits...
I had these winter holidays for 2 weeks and wanted to visit my parents in Riyadh as well as for renewal of my residence permit...
But now I think it's not gonna be that much easy for the process to proceed successfully...
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