The Epic Documentary Series from the Minds behind the Arrivals and the Antichrist Dajjal Series
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By Masonicon
zizzou wrote:America was built on Eurocentrism. Eurocentricim comes from Ancient Greece. And it is ancient Greece that "gave birth" to democracy. And so keeping in mind that Ancient Greece was a society that worshipped the Dajjal, (like the Hindus), It only makes sense then that Democracy was never secular, that democracy has always been completely luciferian in nature.

Mashallah great job everyone. Keep it up.


and that's concludes that Democracy is comes from the Anunnaki
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By Aunslaught ihd
Thank you brother
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By ramze
I don't understand 7:30, "Then expect the appearance of the one who spoke to moses on the mount." who spoke to moses on the mount?
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By Zolfigarr
Abi Abdullah(a.s):"The Kuroobyeen are a group from our Shia, from the first creations, Allah placed them behind his Kingdom,if a part of their light was brought down to the people of earth it would have been enough for them. Then he says:"When Moses pbuh asked His Lord, one of the Kuroobyeen were ordered to go down and so he manifested to the mountain and made it crumble." v.26 p.342 Bihar AlAnwar/Basa'er Al Darajat

Who are the group of Shia in this narration?

Abi Baseer said : 'I said to Sadiq Jafar bin Mohammed : 'O son of the prophet Mohammed I heard from your father he said : 'There will be after the qaeim 12 imams.
He(Jafar AlSadiq) said, indeed he said: "12 Mahdi's and he didnt say Imams but they are a group from our Shia who call people to our matter and call people to know our rights.' Kamal Aldeen 2/358

So now we know the group of Shia are the 12 Mahdis.

Now who from the 12 Mahdis revealed himself at the mountain?

Imam Ali (a.s)said when he was talking about the end times:"expect for the appearance of the one who spoke to Moses on the (Mount)Toor" Khutbat AlBayan

So before Imam Al Mahdi a.s. there is someone who will appear before him as he is the one that spoke to Moses on the Mount Toor and that person is from the group of Shias(12 Mahdis) and he is a caliphate of Allah. The first believer according to the Prophet's will who is the first of 313 from Basra is the Yamani, who will call the people to Imam Al-Mahdi a.s.
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