The Epic Documentary Series from the Minds behind the Arrivals and the Antichrist Dajjal Series
Great episode, upbeat and full of important facts. :thumbup:
Really amazing episode!
Truly mind blowing
It's just overwhelming to know that a (Satanic High Priest) and expert in 'psychological warfare' has been running the 'NSA' (National Security Agency) for over 40 years....

The televangelist in the first of the video was classic....

"My friend, you see that thing, whatever that is, that is the demon of the antichrist on video. Now you say, "I don't know about all that", well I do! Cause I'm gonna tell you why I know about all that, because in the last days before Jesus, when Jesus birth came angels started showing up like crazy. His birth, his ressurection, his acension, angels start showing up!" :lol:

Commander Rafferty responding to Geraldo Rivera about satanic cults active on presidio army base: "I know of no satanic activities whatsoever...(in this area.)" :wtf:

For the Prophet of Allah sawas in the Encyclopedia of Hadiths concerning Imam Mahdi in the Second Part on page 63 and also in the book of Fitan of Ibn Hamad....
He said "The first thing which the Dajjal reaches is Sanam and it is a mountain overlooking Basra, it is the first thing which Dajjal reaches"
-And it is a known fact that the American forces entered Iraq from Kuwait, from the place of that mentioned mountain.

I pray this information about the Arab entertainment industry gets out quickly to the Arab world!

MashAllah...great episode!
does anyone know if the encyclopedia is availbale in english, maybe as a pdf (i know this is probably wishful thinking), and i take it this the encyclopedia compiled honourable sheikh Al-Sadr?

would really like to have access to that Insh'Allah..

yeah bro Joseph i didnt even catch that.. how funny is him saying that about the angels appearing.. hilarious actually.. when i heard it the 1st time i actually got angry at him saying that.. not realising he was actually helping our case lol... priceless..
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