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HashemStudios Radio - The Death of King Abdullah and Signs of the Rise

by Abdullah Hashem [Aba Sadiq (as)]

Published on Mar 24, 2015

A’udhu Billahi Minashaytani Rajeem (“I seek refuge from Allah from the outcast Satan”)

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim (“In the Name of Allah The Abundantly Merciful The Intensely Merciful ”)

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad al Aimmah wa al Mahdiyeen wa sallim taslimlan kathira (“O Allah send Your Prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis”)

Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh (“May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you”)

I hope all of you are doing great and well today and welcome to the first show of HashemStudios Radio.

So first off I'm really glad to be here with you and I'm really glad that we are re-launching the HashemStudios Radio and we are going to be talking in the radio show about topics that pertain to the End Times, a mysterious topics, topics that relate to the HashemStudios Board and everything that HashemStudios Radio is known for and of course the Dawah of Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as).

So we're living in very interesting times indeed. Of course the most shocking of news and information and which brought a lot of joy to the hearts and believers was the recent death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

And the reason for that being is because many of the Shia or the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (as) whether they are Ansari or non-Ansari they have really looked to King Abdullah as being a fulfillment of the the prophecies of the Ahlul Bayt (as) which guaranteed the Rise of the Qaim (as) after the death of King Abdullah.

And the prophecy of course many of you are familiar with and then it mentions that there would be the End Times “a ruler who would rule Mecca or Hijaz” and he would have a brother “whose name is the name of an animal” (and of course that's King Fahd whose name means leopard) and “he would be cross eyed” (and King Fahd was also cross eyed) and then there would be King Abdullah and “Whoever guarantees the death of King Abdullah, I guarantee him the emergence of the Qaim”. That's how the tradition says it.

There's something very important that I want to talk about in regards to this, because really the death of King Abdullah is a sign. It is a sign of the Signs of the End Times. And it's very important to understand and to know that really the Signs of the End Times whether it be: the death of King Abdullah or the Rise of the Comet Planet or whether it be the Arab Revolutions or the Fall of Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, or or or or or.

All of these signs are actually directed towards the disbelievers. It is not signs the are not directed towards the believe because the believers believe and they have already found a proof in their time or they found the Messenger of God in their Time. For they don't need the signs. The signs are like alarm clocks which wake up the people who are asleep or meant to strike a fear or wake up the consciousness of those who are yet to believe.

So for example a person who believes in Ahmed Al Hassan (as), it doesn't matter really necessarily if he witnesses the death of King Abdullah or he doesn’t witness the death of King Abdullah or he witnesses the Rise in the Comet Planet or he doesn’t witness the Rise of the Comet Planet. These signs are not meant for him because he has already found the Way and the Path.

But rather the signs are to awaken those who are asleep. Those who have still not found the Yamani or found the Imam Al Mahdi (peace be upon them). When they see these signs, then it is supposed to wake them up from the sleep and say “oh wait a minute, it hais been mentioned in the traditions that when the death of King Abdullah happens, then it's supposed to be the Emergence of the Mahdi”. “Well, is the Mahdi here?” and then they began looking for him cetera et cetera.

So having said that and having said that the signs are actually for the disbelievers and not for the
believers, I want to also connect the death of King Abdullah to another story or signs in general actually. For the relief and for the emergence, with another story and that's the story that we all know about in in regards to Noah (peace be upon him).

Because perhaps some of the Ansar get excited, perhaps some of the Ansar (the believers) they get excited and they say, “it is time to go towards Mecca” or they think that all the sudden, tomorrow is going to be or the next day after the death of King Abdullah is going to be the Rise the Qaim.

This could be true and we should be excited and we should be ready but at the same time we have to be as believers have to be very very careful!! Because sometimes the relief promised with the sign is not the type of relief that we expect.

For example, in the story of Noah, Gabriel had came down and he gave Noah some seeds and he told Noah to plant these seeds and when the seeds became full trees or full-grown, then that would be the relief for his Shia. So essentially Gabriel (from Allah (swt) carried to Noah a sign. A sign whereby it was promised that with the fulfillment of the sign (which is the growing up the tree) then the relief would take place.

And as we know in the story that Noah plants the seeds the and the tree grows and the believers wait and then all of the sudden after the tree is growing and it's supposed to be the time of the Rise or the time of the Punishment and the relief for Noah and the people and the Shi'a.

Gabriel comes back down and tells him that (with more seeds) and tells him to plant the seed again and when the new tree grows or the new seed grows into a tree, well then would be the time for the relief.

So he did this several times and each time was a sign and each time that the tree would grow the
Shia would expected that it would be the time of the relief and yet it wouldn’t be the time the relief. But what would happen, what is interesting (on what would happen) is that every time the tree grew and every time the relief didn't happen in the sense that the Punishment, a group of the followers of Noah would fall into apostasy.

And the hadith says that this in fact was the relief!!! Each time that a group of the hypocrites, a group of those whom their clay was was evil would apostate, it would actually be a relief
for the Shia and for Noah (peace be upon him).

Because it would be these hypocrites whom Allah (swt) and the Prophet Noah (as) would be fearful that if they had come into the Divine Just State or been given ability into the land after the Flood would overtake all of the disbelievers and the enemies of Noah were destroyed, then their inners of hypocrisy would have taken over and they would have held enmity towards the brothers in the open and they would have fought them over presidency and rulership and leadership and wanting to be the only one that commands and forbids.

And so how would that be granting Noah and the Shia ability in the land and how would Allah (swt) with this scenario had fulfilled His Promise to Noah with all these Fitnas and Wars taking place?

So Allah (swt) had to sift the followers of Noah into two groups: the groups that were true believers and make all those apostate or fail in the a test and abandon Noah and actually be wiped out with the flood and those were all those whom are hypocrites in reality inside and may have been following Noah for different reasons.

As such, Imam al Sadiq (as) says, as such (in the end of the hadith) he says “... and as such is with the Qaim (as) for his Days of his Occultation or his absence would be so long in order that Truth becomes clear and Faith is purified by the apostasy of all those whose clay is evil from the Shi'a whom were fearful over from hypocrisy if they feel the ability to rule and if they feel, they spread peace and security and prosperity in the Time of the Qaim (as).

So what am I trying to say?! What I'm trying to say this is. Is that the Promise of Allah (swt) was
never changed to Noah. Each time that Noah (peace be upon him) was promised that they would be relieved by the growing of the tree and then people would apostate - it was a relief.

It was a relief by the apostasy of the Shia, it was not initially the type of relief that the Shi’a might have expected and that was that the Flood happen or the Punishment happen and that it would come down and take away the disbelievers. But which with each sign and with each time that the Punishment was delayed and delayed and delayed, the hypocrites apostated out of the Dawah and that was a relief. And then the Imam al Sadiq (as) says “....and as such will be with Qaim (as)”.

Which means that perhaps with the Qaim (as) these signs - the death of King Abdullah - the Rise does not happen immediately after it. Perhaps it does, but perhaps it doesn't and if it doesn't happen immediately afterwards maybe some people begin to doubt, some Ansars begin to doubt, some Ansar begin to fall into apostasy.

They say, “Hey wait a minute, I thought that when the King Abdullah died that the relief would take place, and Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) still hasn't risen, so therefore I don't believe in the Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) anymore”, and they apostate. And this would be a relief. Really because only the true believers will remain in the end.

And in general I want to read to you guys also this letter that Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) wrote. I do not think it's translated in English but it was a private letter that he had sent to one of the Ansar in Ramadan of 1429 AH and that was several years ago, about six years ago or so. The guy had e-mailed or sent a letter to Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) complaining to him about the condition of some people whom he had called to the Dawah and then afterwards they apostated.

Listen to what Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) says. And we all know that Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) said that the Ansars should not be happy for anybody who comes into the Dawah nor should they be sad about anybody who leaves from the Dawah. Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) said,

In the Name of Allah The Abundantly Merciful The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your Prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis. Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you

He says, “I ask and plead with you that you read the Qu’ran and examine in it. Examine it and see that those ones leave or abandon the Sunnah of the first ones”[/color] and that he quotes the Qu’ran,

{..And a faction of the People in the Scriptures say to each other “Believe in that which was revealed to believers at the beginning of the day and reject it at its end, that perhaps they will abandon their religion}
- Surah Al Imran, 72

He says, “Work!! May Allah (swt) grant you success and enforce you to that which pleases Him.
And do not care about those whom misguidance was written upon them. For they, by their own works are being rewarded today and tomorrow.

Work!! And it does not harm you the apostasy of all those who apostate from the religion of Truth. For they are being compensated today for the evil which they committed yesterday.

The evil they committed yesterday which does not make them qualified that they be in the lines have the Purified Ansar of the Prophets and the Viceregent (peace be upon them).

And then he quotes the Qu’ran.

{ He said: "O Noah! Indeed, he is not of your family; indeed, he is one whose work was other than righteousness. So ask not of Me that of which you have no knowledge! Indeed I advise you lest you should be among the ignorant."}
Surah Hud verse 46

And you also have a conversation in the words Allah (swt) -

{Oh you who believed. Upon you is responsibility for your own selves. Those who have gone astray will not will not harm you when you have been guided. To Allah is your return altogether. Did he will inform you of what you used to do}

And Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) says

“And Jazakum Allahu Khair. My Allah (swt) grant you good and the best reward the good doers. May Allah (swt) grant you success to what pleases Him. And my Allah (swt) help you against those people whom barely even understand a word.”
Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as), Ramadan 1429

So it's interesting because Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) in his answer obviously knows and sees, and is telling the believers (paraphrasing) that, “yes, people will apostate and do not care so much if they do apostate. Do not care so much because they are being rewarded and compensated today for the evil that they did yesterday.” Meaning their evil actions which you do not know about - is the reason why the fall into apostasy and it is the reason which makes them not qualified to be part of the Ansar of the Prophets and the Viceregent (peace be upon them).

And the Imam (as) also makes a reference that the fact that Noah, his family is the believers
and Ahmed Al Hassan (as) has and the Ansar, their family are the believers. As far as those whom apostate, he says, “O Noah! He is not from your family, he is an unrighteous work.”

Now to just make a quick comment on the previous section which we talked about. What I was talking about was: being firm really, essentially upon our belief. And as long as we know Ahmed Al Hassan (as), as long as we recognize the Yamani, we are in Paradise. The Wilayat is the Paradise. And Insha Allah may Allah (swt) keep us firm up on the Path.

It's not what I was saying was not the death of King Abdullah will not result in the Rise of Ahmed Al Hassan (as). No, Ahmed Al Hassan (as) and Muhammad ibn Hassan al-Askari (as) could rise tomorrow for all we know. But the point of it is, that if the Rise was delayed, if it did not happen immediately as our human expectations and desires are, it does not mean that the Messenger is false because it's happened before with Noah (as).

Rather, it is a Test. It is a Sifting and we should be firm and we should be ready to stand upon the path with Ahmed Al Hassan (as) even if the Rise did not happen for a Thousand Years!!!

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