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The manners of Sistani to the one the yamani a.s. called the Yahya of the age of appearance and his manners towards the enemies of Allah swt.

This is what happened in the barani of Sistani, written by Mazin Taj Al Deen.

Hospitality is from the praised manners of Arabs, that Islam came to confirm and ensure. Islam confirmed this principle of hospitality and encouraged it, and accredited this principle with behaviours that increases its magnificence and boom. This principle will lead to love and friendliness if applied properly.

The scholars have given great importance to this principle due to its effects on relationships, social bonds, and purity of the society. And from the manners of the host is that he speaks to his guests of that which their souls desire, is prepared when they arrive, and is saddened when they leave, as well as escorting them to the door and other manners that are considered from the noble sunna.

(And it is narrated from Imam Al Baqir PBUH that he said ‘’ Verily when the believer goes to visit his brother, Allah swt empowers him with an angel that puts one wing in the earth and another in the heaven to shade this believer. So if he enters his house, Allah swt calls upon him and says ‘’ O servant who glorifies my right, follower of the sunna of my Prophet, it is incumbent upon me to glorify you, ask me and I will give you, supplicate and I will answer you, be silent and I will make you start’’. So if he leaves and goes back to his house, the angel shades him with his wing until he enters his house, then Allah swt calls upon him and says ‘’ O servant who glorifies my right, it is incumbent upon me to be generous with you…….’’ ).

I came across a book titled ‘’ Al Sadr Al Thani, the witness and the matryr’’ authored by Mukhtar Al Asady. Many things caught my attention especially the audio meetings recorded, that took place between Ali Sistani and Mohammed Sadiq Al Sadr r.a. In the page 103, under the title ‘’ On Sistani another time’’ the author narrates a question posed to Sayyed Al Sadr r.a. about the nature of his visit to Sistani. So Al Sadr r.a. answers with pain, heartbreak and sigh as he had the initiative to visit Sistani because the latter does leave his house to even visit the prince PBUH. So when Al Sadr entered the Barani( a sitting area where the cleric meets with people) of Sistani and sat, Mohammed Rida Sistani, the oldest son of Ali Sistani, went up to the 2nd floor to tell his father of the guest!.

So Ali Sistani came and Al Sadr stood up, and took a few steps towards Sistani to show his respect and friendliness to Sistani. But Sistani did not even look at Al Sadr r.a, and did not offer to shake hands. Sistani kept on walking until he reached a certain place to sit in. And the whole thing is that Sistani said ‘’ good morning’’ and after a short period of time he said to Al Sadr ‘’ How are you’’ so Al Sadr replied and went on to speak about the reasons of why he could not reach Sistani whilst Sistani is quite and did not say but one word ( nothing happened its ok). Afterwards Al Sadr asked PERMISSION to leave due to his COMMITMENTS and did not hear from Sistani but three words mentioned earlier. So Al Sadr stood up and with him Al Sistani but the latter did not move a single step meaning that Al Sadr left without being escorted to the door.

To be honest the stance is astonishing, strange, rigid and filled with envy. And nobody does it. This reminded me of the following video on youtube, where Prime Minister Noori Al Maliki speaks about his relationship with Sistani and how Sistani loves him, respects him, and insists that he escorts Al Maliki out of the door when Al Mlaiki comes to visit him in Najaf, to show the others his love and respect for Maliki.

See end of post for link.

And if Shaheed Al Sadr r.a. and Maliki are lying on Sistani, then Sistani has to be free of them. However when we compare the two stances, we see the clear difference between the way Sistani deals with Sadr and how he deals with Maliki. And off course it was more appropriate and compulsory that Al Sadr r.a. received the ovation and not Al Maliki, because Al Sadr r.a. is another Marji and therefore a colleague of Sistani as well as many other considerations.

We know that Sistani does not approve of the marajiya and authority of Al Sadr nor of his ijtihad, and the opposite is also true ( meaning Al Sadr r.a. does not approve of Sistani). In addition to the differences between the 2, however this does not justify the stance of Sistani towards Al Sadr, not from the jurisprudential side, or customary side. And where is Sistani from the Hadeeth of Imam Al Baqir. ???!!! And where is Sistani from the traditions and principles??!! And what is the reason of his manners with Al Sadr and Al Maliki. ??!!

Is it because of Al Sadr’s MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS SOUL! Challenge the scholars, his brave statements against them as well as ripping the shroud of oppression, superficiality, leisure, and that he revealed plots that lead to Sistani acting the way he did??!!!.

And did the policy after the fall of Saddam l.a. as well as Sistani’s bonds with the big Shia political parties and his support for them and sharing the spoils and and and …….. lead to Sistani behaving in the way he did with Al Maliki. ??!!!

And we have to ask, what did the Iraqi nation gain from Maliki and his government that will lead to the love and respect of Sistani??!!! Didn’t Iraq come first place in the ranking for worst financial and managerial corruption?? !!! didn’t the government fail in solving the daily problems of the Iraqi citizen??!! Was not the government specialized in sectarianism, quotas, and serving foreign interests.??!!! Didn’t al Maliki and his party get involved in killing, extermination, secret prions ( for example what they did with the ANSARS MAY ALLAH GRANT THEM THE HIGHEST OF RANKS), theft and fraud.??!!!!.

And does Sistani think that closing his door in the face of politicians is a solution to the crisis? And a relieve for him from his responsibilities? And a way to have his sins forgiven? And does Sistani think that the magnitude of destruction that was inflicted on the nation from those that HE ENCOURAGED TO ELECT, is compensated by such a fleeing behaviour??!!. Does Sistani think that his so called seclusion is going to repair the damage?!!

If the answer was yes, then the reality confirms the opposite. But if his holiness thinks otherwise, then why runaway and seclude yourself????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Where is your commanding of good and forbidding of evil??!!!!!!!!. And where is the courage of the prince pbuh in you??!!!!!! Why don’t you come out and speak publicly against the corrupt and evil ones??? Why is your view complete silence?? Why don’t you encourage the people to ask for its right??? And what do you await so you can be kind enough with your public statements??!!

If Sistani was a political leader, the he must be inside the field and not outside. And if Sistani supported and endorsed some, then he has to control those he supports and takes responsibility for what he does otherwise let him leave politics alone without involving himself and others then hiding his head like an OSTRICH. !!!!!!!!!!!!. ... D9%86.html
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