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80.From AlMufathel from Abi Abdullah pbuh he said: Allah the Exalted and Mighty said, I have made it obligatory upon my servants with 10 obligations, if they knew them I will make them settle in my Malakoot(Kingdom) and made heaven permissible for them.
First: To know me.
Second: To know my Messenger in my creation and accepting him and believing in him.
Third: Knowing my preferred ones and that they are proofs upon my creation. Whoever follows them has follows me.And whoever fights them has fought against me. And they are knowledge between me and my creation. And whoever rejects them
will receive hellfire and multiplied upon him my punishment.
Fourth: Knowing the individuals that were established from the illumination of my Greatness. And they are the Risers of my justice.
Fifth:Knowing the merits of the Risers and believing in them.
Sixth: Knowing my enemy Iblees and what is like himself and his supporters.
Seventh:Accepting my affair and believing in my Messengers.
Eighth: To keep my secret hidden and the secret of my preferred ones.
Ninth: To exalt the people of my Safwa(those whom I've chose) and accepting from them. And returning to them with what you differed about so
that the explanation comes from them.
Tenth:That he will be his brother in religion and in the Dunya, for Sharia equal. If they were like so, I will enter them to my Kingdom(Malakoot)and you will be secure from the Great Fazi(shock)and they will be from Ilyeen(higher creaton).

Bihar AlAnwar v.66 p.13

- التمحيص: عن المفضل، عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: قال الله عز وجل افترضت على عبادي عشرة فرائض إذا عرفوها أسكنتهم ملكوتي، وأبحتهم جناني أولها معرفتي، والثانية معرفة رسولي إلى خلقي والاقرار به والتصديق له، والثالثة معرفة أوليائي وأنهم الحجج على خلقي، من والاهم فقد والاني ومن عاداهم فقد عاداني، وهم العلم فيما بيني وبين خلقي، ومن أنكرهم أصليته ناري، وضاعفت عليه عذابي، والرابعة معرفة الاشخاص الذين أقيموا من ضياء قدسي، وهم قوام قسطي، والخامسة معرفة القوام بفضلهم والتصديق لهم، والسادسة معرفة عدوي إبليس وما كان من ذاته وأعوانه، والسابعة قبول أمري والتصديق لرسلي، والثامنة كتمان سري وسر أوليائي، والتاسعة تعظيم أهل صفوتي والقبول عنهم، والرد إليهم فيما اختلفتم فيه، حتى يخرج الشرح منهم، والعاشرة أن يكون هو وأخوه في الدين والدنيا شرعا سواء، فإذا كانوا كذلك أدخلتهم ملكوتي، وآمنتهم من الفزع الأكبر وكانوا عندي في عليين

In this hadeeth Allah swt clearly spoke about the proofs upon creation and Risers. The individuals who are proofs upon creation are the Imams and the Risers take from the illumination of Allah's holiness.
عيون أخبار الرضا : أبي ، عن الحميري ، عن أحمد بن هلال ، عن ابن محبوب ، عن أبي الحسن الرضا قال : قال لي : لا بد من فتنة صماء صيلم يسقط فيها كل بطانة ووليجة وذلك عند فقدان الشيعة الثالث من ولدي يبكي عليه أهل السماء وأهل الأرض وكل حرى وحران وكل حزين لهفان ثم قال : بأبي وأمي سمي جدي وشبيهي وشبيه موسى بن عمران عليه جيوب النور تتوقد بشعاع ضياء القدس كم من حرى مؤمنة وكم من مؤمن متأسف حيران حزين عند فقدان الماء المعين كأني بهم آيس ما كانوا ، نودوا نداء يسمع من بعد كما يسمع من قرب يكون رحمة على المؤمنين وعذابا على الكافرين

Uyoon Akhbar AlRitha -Aba AlHasan AlRitha pbuh said:"There has to be a Fitna(trial)that is a calamitous and excruciating.He will fail from it every confidant and entourage. That is during when the Shias miss the third one from my son. The people of the heavens and the people of the earth will cry on him. And every thirsty one and parched one and every sad one and mourner. And then he said: By my father, and mother. His name is the name of my grandfather and he is a look a like of me and a look alike of Moses son of Imraan. On him are the pockets of light, they are ignited by the illumination of the Greatness..."
Haq AlMubeen p.558 Sheikh Korani

So the Riser is Imam Al Mahdi a.s. who is the Qa'em and the Mahdis are also Risers because the Mahdis also receive from the pockets of light and are Risers of justice.

إكمال الدين : أبي ، عن سعد ، عن جعفر الفزاري ، عن علي بن الحسن بن فضال عن الريان بن الصلت ، عن الرضا مثله وفيه : تتوقد من شعاع ضياء القدس يحزن لموته أهل الأرض والسماء كم من حرى .

Habbah Al-Arni said: the Prince of the believers [pbuh] went out to Heera and said: “this will be joined to this” and he pointed with his hand to Kofa and Heera “until a cubit in between them will be sold in Dinars, and then in Heera a mosque shall be built which has 500 doors,the caliphate(successor) of the Qa’im [May God hasten his relief] shall pray in it, because the mosque of Kofa will be small for them and 12 Imams of justice will pray in it” – Bihar AlAnwar v.52 p.474, Tahtheeb AlAhkaam by Sheikh Al-Tosi v.3 p.245

Al-Hadrami narrated from Abi Ja’afar [pbuh] saying: I asked him which spot on earth is the most favoured after the Haram of Allah [swt] and the Haram of his Messenger [pbuhf]? He said: “Al-Kofah O Aba Baker, it is the virtuous and purified, in it are the graves of the dispatched prophets, the non-dispatched [prophets] and the honest successors. And in it is the Mosque of Suhail where God has not sent a Prophet unless he prayed inside it, and from it the justice of God appears and in it will be His Riser and the Risers after him, and it is the dwellings of the prophets, successors and the righteous ones” – Kamel Al-Ziyarat by Ja’afar bin Muhammad bin Qoloweh, page 76
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