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In the Name of Allah the Merciful and Intensely Merciful
Praise due to the Lord of the Worlds,Peace be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
The signs of the Nation of Divine Justice in between your hands!!
These are some of the signs that have been confirmed through the narrations of the family of Muhammad(peace be upon them). And this reveals for every reader that he is living the days of the nation of Divine Justice and near to its Rise by the permission of Allah the Almighty, and it is a matter that is accepted by all the followers of religions regardless of their differences regarding the proof of the savior that they are waiting for.
And about AlZawra Prince of the believers pbuh said:"And the kingdom will return to AlZawra,and the matters will become in consultations,whoever won over a thing has done it,so during that time shall be the emergence of the Sufyani he shall ride the earth and punish them with a severe punishment" Malahem Wal Fitan by Ibn Tawoos p.134

And following the history of AlZawra and Baghdad, it shall reveal to you that there is no Shoora(consultation) ever occurring to it other than the elections that have been established. This has been narrated by Huthayfa Ibn AlYaman from the Prophet(saw)that he said:"The calamity upon calamity from the Big Consulation and the Small Consultation, so he asked about it and he said: As for the Big Consultation it shall happen after my death,to usurp the successorship of my brother and usurp the right of my daughter,as for the Small Consultation it shall happen within the long occultation in Zawra, to change my Sunna and alter my principles" 250 Signs p.130

And about AlHijaz: it was mentioned from the Messenger of Allah(saw) saying:"In Hijaz a man will have the name of an animal, if you looked at him you would assume he is lazy-eyed from far, and if you come closer to him, you will not see anything wrong with his eyes,a brother of his will succeed him his name will be Abdullah, I warn my Shias from him,he repeated it three times,give me the good news of his death I will give you the good news of the appearance of the Hujja" 250 signs p.122

The ruler (Fahad it is the name of an animal) has ruled AlHijaz and his brother Abdullah came after him and he is trying to recuperate before his death and that is known to everyone, and his death shall be one of the important signs.From Abi Baseer he said: I heard Abi Abdullah(a.s)saying: "Whoever guarantees for me the death of Abdullah I shall guarantee for him the Riser,and then he said: If Abdullah dies the people will not gather with anyone after him,and this matter will not end without your companion(Saheb)by the will of Allah,and then the kingdom of years will go away and the kingdom of the months and days will come,I said:Will it be long?He said:No"Bihar Al Anwar v.52 p.210
And about Egypt's rule Prince of the believer pbuh said:"The ruler of Egypt is a sign from the signs and his sign is a token from the tokens,his middle is Hassan and his beginning is Muhammad and he will change the name of his grandfather,if he is out,know that the Mahdi will knock your doors,so before he knocks it fly to him under the domes of the clouds,or come to him even if you had to crawl over ice" The Book of What Imam Ali (a.s)said in the End times p.330. And nobody knew that the grandfather of president Mubarek was(Sayed)and that he changed it,and also for the beginning of his name its Muhammad and his middle one is Hassan,exactly as what was reported from him pbuh.

And it is enough to know that the Arabian regions experienced chaos and dethronement of rulers as this is clarified by the family of Muhammad(pbut), they clarified that the Arabs will have their reigns removed, which is a metaphore that tells us about the removal of the system of rulership which exists within it,and that is what is happening today.

And then does anybody doubt about the size of change that occurred to the climate of the planet earth,and the Greenhouse effect which increased the temperature which never has occurred before!!! And if you knew about this read about what has been mentioned by Ahmad son of Muhammad son of Abi Naser he said I heard AlRitha pbuh saying:"Before this matter is Bayooh,so, I didn't know what AlBayooh meant until I heard an arab Bedouin saying: This day is Bayooh!so I said to him:What is AlBayooh?He said:Extreme heat"Gaibat Al Numani p.171

And also the many earthquakes and the collapse of the earth and the floods and the likes from the great calamities,the Messenger of Allah(saw)said:"I give you glad tiding about the Mahdi,he will be sent to my nation during division between the people and earthquakes" Bihar Al Anwar v.51 p.74

And did the people hear about the narration from Imam AlSaadeq pbuh while he was mentioning the inevitable from the signs of the Riser pbuh when he said :"And a hand that is seen in the sky which is from the inevitable"Bihar Al Anwat v.52 p.233. And if they knew about this now let them look into what was mentioned from NASA and look at the photograph that the people of the earth have spread and it has the hand that is shown in the sky with all clarity. ... 9-025.html
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Do the people have to obey the Yamani and support him?
The promised Yamani is from among the important signs that are tied with Imam Al Mahdi pbuh, from Maymoon from Abi Abdullah AlSaadeq pbuh he said:(5 signs before the rise of the Riser(Mahdi)pbuh:AlYamani,Sufyani,the caller from the sky,the landslide of AlBayda and the killing of the pure soul) Kamal Al Deen Wa Tamam AlNima p.649
But: Is the stance towards AlYamani is like any stance that can happen and become real.For example:Can the human just stand and watch during the appearance of AlYamani and his emergence with his Divine call?!
Imam Al Baqer pbuh said: (The emergence of the Sufyani, Yamani and Khurasani is in one year, in one month, in one day, ordered like the order of beads,some people will follow some of them and there will be misery on every face, woe to those who stayed far away from them, and there is no banner more guided than the banner of the Yamani, his banner is the banner of guidance because he calls/ invites to your Companion/Sahib(Sahib al Zaman a.s), so if the Yamani emerges he will make arms dealing forbidden for the people and every Muslim, and if the Yamani emerges then rise up towards him,indeed his banner is the banner of guidance, and it is not permitted for a Muslim to turn away from him,and whoever does this then he is from the people of the hellfire,because he calls/invites to the truth and to the straight path) p.264 Gaibat Al Numani
This means:
1-The Yamani is someone who is obligatory to follow for everyone,with evidence from Imam Al Baqer pbuh saying to rise up to towards him and he is a man rising before Imam Al Mahdi pbuh and he is a fighter against the Sufyani and the opposition.
2- AlYamani is a man with a Divine authority because Imam AlBaqer pbuh warned everyone from not turning away and made hellfire the result of turning away even if he prays,fasts,or believes in the guardianship(Wilaya)of Ahlulbayt pbut before him. The Yamani cannot be at this position where when people reject him it takes them to hell even if they prayed and fasted except if he was from the viceroys(Khilafas)of Allah on this earth and a guardian from the guardians of Allah.
3- AlYamani is an infallible man and the narration is a text about his infallibility because the narration declared that he calls to the truth and straight path ,absolutely, meaning that the Yamani guides to the truth in all what he says and performs and forever he's in this way. And does not behave -not even for one time-a behavior that can take his followers out of truth and enter them into misguidance,and that is the meaning of infallibility that is practiced by all viceroys of Allah.
So it summarizes that the Yamani(the man of the guided banner in the age of appearance)is a viceroy from the viceroys(Khaleefas)of Allah on this earth and he is infallible and guides to the truth and straight path always. And it doesn't harm the believers' knowledge if he ignores the other characters(of the age of appearance) after knowing the Yamani. This is because he is not obligated to know them(other characters besides Yamani) even those who follow him(Yamani).
And the Question now is: What is the name of the Yamani, and from which lineage is he?What is his descriptions?Where does he live?How can he prove his right and truth?And other than it which directs us to know about him,and surely the family of Muhammad pbut commanded us to support him and warned us from turning away from him as they clarified this,or else how can the people give victory to whom they do not know?!!This is what shall be clarified if Allah wills.

The character of the(facilitator)which was clarified from the family of Muhammad pbut:
The narrations affirm that there is another character from the family of Muhammad pbut other than Imam Al Mahdi pbuh during the beginning of his GreAT Divine,and these are a couple of points that direct with clarification about the concealed reality:
Firstly: the will of the Messenger of Allah pbuhap during the night of his death, when we look at it we see that after when the successors get mentioned that they are 12 Imams and 12 Mahdis and counting the names until Imam Al Askari pbuh it says: (If the day of death comes to him, let him hand it over to his son, Mohammed the Mandate/Preserver of the Holy Family of Mohamad Peace be upon them all. These are the twelve Imams. Then there will be twelve Mahdi's after them. then when Allah receiveth him, let him hand it over to his son, the first of the close ones, he has three names, one like mine and my Father's: Abdollah (Servant of God), Ahmad and the third name is The Mahdi (the guided) and he is the first Believer) Gaibat AlToosi p.149-151
And what is clear from it is that the Mahdi Ahmad(son of Imam Al Mahdi)is present within the age of appearance,by the evidence that he is the first close one to the Imam and the first believer in him during the appearance, and the close ones are the 313 companions,and the successor is Ahmad who is the first one. So he exists within the age of the appearance of the Imam pbuh. And he is the one that takes the allegiance of the people by his command.From Huthayfa ibn AlYamani he heard the Prophet of Allah pbuh say: (He will be given allegiance between the Rukn and Maqam his name is Ahmad,Abdullah,and Mahdi, that is his three names.)Gaibat Al Toosi p.454 hadeeth#463. And complying this narration with the Holy will, we shall know with all clarity that what is meant by the Mahdi here is the son of Imam Al Mahdi pbuh and his successor Ahmad: because these names were given to him.
And Ahmad is the Master(Mawla)that knows about the matter of his father even when he is in occultation from the sight of the people. Mufathel ibn Umar from Abi Abdullah a.s: (The companion of the matter has two occultations(Gaibas), one of them will be long,until some of them will say he died,and some of them will say he is killed,and some of them will say he left,until nothing is left from his matter except one of his righteous companions, and nobody will know about his matter not even his children nor anybody else except the Master that will succeed his matter) AlGaiba LilToosi p.161 And no doubt that the matter of the Imam is the matter of Allah,and the one who succeeds the matter of Allah after Imam Al Mahdi pbuh is his son and successor Ahmad by the text of the Holy will, which will clearly reveal that for Imam Al Mahdi pbuh is an offspring during the long occultation(Gaibat Al Kubra).
Secondly: What can confirm the existence of a character during the age of appearance is that the lineage[of this character] is from the family of Muhammad pbut. Abi Baseer from Imam AlSaadeq a.s said: (O Aba Muhammad the nation of Muhammad pbuhap will not see any respite at all,unless the son of Banu someone(Abbas)have a kingdom that will perish.Once it perishes,Allah will deliver for the nation of Muhammad pbuhap a man who is from us Ahlulbayt,that is simple with piety and works for guidance,and does not take in his ruling any bribery.By Allah I know him by his name and his father's name.And then the one that has a mole and two marks,the just leader,the preserver(Hafeth) of what he left,he shall spread it with justice and tranquility after it has been filled by the tyrants with unjustice and tyranny)Bihar v.52 p.269
And if the one who comes last is Imam Al Mahdi pbuh then who is coming before him? Surely,it is a man from Imam Al Mahdi's household/family pbuh, that the Prince of the believers pbuh said: (A man will emerge before the Mahdi from his household(Ahlulbayt) from the East, he shall carry the sword on his shoulder for 8 months, killing and killing until he reaches Bayt Al Maqdis) Mumahedoon by Sheikh Korani p.110
Thirdly:the Messenger of Allah pbuhap have ordered us to give support to the man of the black banners from the East, that two will not have different turns in facilitating for Imam Al Mahdi pbuh,the Messenger of Allah pbuhap said: (If you see the black banners emerging from Khurasan, go to them even if you had to crawl over ice,for among them is the successor of the Mahdi) Malahem Wal Fitan p.54 And when the successor of Imam Al Mahdi pbuh is his son "Ahmad" we shall know the secret within the slogan of the army coming from the East which facilitates,that Imam AlBaqer pbuh clarified by his words: (Allah swt has a treasure in Taliqan it is not gold neither silver,12,000 from Khurasan,their slogans are (Ahmad Ahmad).A man from Banu Hashem would lead them on a grey mule,with a red bandanna,as if I see him cross the Euphrates,if you hear about him go after him even if you had to crawl over ice) Mutakhab Al-Anwar Al-Muthee'a p.343
Allah knows best brother, if someone knows about this he or she can share.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

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