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By Zolfigarr
These are the following pieces of knowledge that no one has ever known about until the Yamani pbuh explained its meaning.

Reminder: This post is not to answer the following subjects, but its to show to those who reject the Imam a.s that if they are truthful they need to show us their interpretation( of atleast one of the subjects we presented.). So this post is made as a challenge to those rejecting the Yamani pbuh. Upon them is to give us their interpretation of their scholars, and upon us is to give them the knowledge of the Yamani pbuh.

O dear ansars, if you have anybody stating "Your Yamani is not true and has no knowledge" tell them about this post or paste to them the following and tell them:"Is there a scholar that you know who've answered such a questionable subject that exists in the weighty things,Torat and Bible? If the list is too long just post the first 10 to them or the first 5. May Allah bless you all inshAllah

Verily, our Imam pbuh has said:
Abu Abdullah a.s saying "The Master of Undertaking has two occultations,one of them he will return to his family and the other it will say:He perished!To which valley did he take!I said:What shall we do if this happened?He said:If a claimant comes to you ask him about the greatest of things,where only him will answer you back."
Gaibat Al Numani p.172
1.Noon and Ba
2.Yunus and why he said "Mighty are you(Allah), No god but yourself
I've become among the wrong doers"
3.Door of city of knowledge and why its Ali a.s.
4.Night of fate and why its Fatima a.s
5.Jesus look alike and who he is
6.Son of Man and Comforter
7.In the Name of Allah the Merciful and Intensely Merciful
8.The dot of Ba being a Caliphate
9.6 days in creation of the sky related to the 7 skies and the matters of the 7 skies
10.Who are the 8 that will hold the "Arsh"kingdom
11.Supremacy of Allah swt and not the Supremacy of the people
12.The 12 Mahdis and the Raja'
13.The Virtuous Servent and Moses reason of not withstanding his
14.The speaker of Moses
15.The right-side of the valley in the Quran
16.The lamb slain on Mount Zion with his followers
17.How the 313 are linked to the Bible
18.How the Yamani is tied to the Bible, concerning his banner
19.How the wedding of the King in the Bible is linked to the action of
the Rises a.s against one of his followers who protested
20.Who Ibraheem saw in the Malakoot
21.Alif Lam meem
22.Why Gabriel a.s said"Verily the pillars of guidance have been
23.The enemies of the Risers are the scholars of the end times
24.The secret of Allah swt
25.The tree that grows from mount Sinai which has a relish for the
26.The King of the Day of Religion
27.Why the Name of Allah the Merciful and Intesely Merciful is to the
Greatest Name of Allah like the whiteness of the eye to the pupil
28.What does it mean to know Allah by Allah
29.Why is Allah swt in Quran refers to Muhammad, for whoever gives
allegiance to Muhammad is giving allegiance to Allah.
30.What does it mean that Allah descends on the canopies of clouds
31.The actual meaning of the beard that Moses pbuh pulled from Aaron
within Quran.
32.What does the Ha and Wa of Huwa mean
33.Revealing the grave of Zahra pbu her.
34.Qasam(the great swear)
36.In the Name of Allah, the One,and Conqueror
37.The Star of David pbuh
38.The Arsh(the Kingdom of Allah swt)
39.The meaning of AlRahman on the Arsh he overflow(established)
40.The difference between the Bismilla of Fatiha and Bismila to the Chapters of the Quran.
41.The place of Fatiha relating it to the place of the rest of the Chapters.
42.What the river of heaven iS
43.Why the river of heaven is on the right corner of the Kaaba
44.The black stone on the Kaaba and how its related to a man in the end times,with supportive evidence from the Bible and Torat.
45.How the Arsh(Kingdom)of Allah on the water is related to Muhammad and the Quran
46.What the meaning of Qul Huwa means in Surat Al Ikhlas
47.The meaning of the Imam pbuh saying:"I would have spread monotheism from Al Samad(the Sustainer)
48.The group of Shias in the end times
49.The meaning of the hidden shirk
50.What Allah swt meant "We have opened for you a Clear Opening"and relating it to Isra Wal Miraj when the Prophet reached to the position of two bows or nearer.
51.The 6 pillars of the Star of David pbuh
52.The 3 darknesses in Quran
53.The difference between the spirit and soul,and relating it to the skies/heavens
54.Infallibility and how a human can reach to its level
55.What did Allah swt mean when he said:"You didn't know the Book or Imaan" according to Quran
56.What do we read before Surat Al Bara'a(Tawba)since there is no Bismilla
57.How Hussein pbuh is the sacrifice of Allah before creating the (Arsh)of Allah swt
58.The Ahilla and their real meaning,relating it to 10 parts of faith in Haj
59.Beast of the Earth of the long occultation and the Beast of the Earth in the Raja'
60.How the fire is the Riser and the fire that Moses headed to is the knowledge
61.The inner gate of the City of Knowledge
62.The 10 manifestations of Muhammad(saw)
63.How Allah swt was a treasure and so he created the creation so that he can be known(who is this creation?)
64.Difference between the abrogator and abrogated
65.Meaning of Salawat on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad relating it the Riser
66.Meaning of Salawat on Ibraheem and the family of Ibraheem relating it to Moses
67.The saying of Imam Ali pbuh"If the veil was removed, I wouldn't have increased in certitude"and relating it to the Isra Wal Miraj to the Prophet(saw)
68. Satan threw some (vanity) into his desire(meaning of it)
69.The difference between the Self of Allah and the Name of Allah
70.Why Imam Ali pbuh was born in the Kaaba
71.The thirteenth spirit in the Gospel
72.The Riser that will emerge and people would say how can it be him when his bones have perished?
73.The first Mahdi according to the Prophet's will
74.A successor of the Imam according to a narration from Mufathel
75.The endless conflict about why the Mahdi is described dark and white in the narrations
76.The complete mind relating it to the seventh sky
77.The visions and how they happen from the Malakoot
78.The Raja and the Atom world occuring in the First sky
79.How above us are 7 skies and we are within a sky which makes it 8
80.How hellfire would surround the disbelievers and is in this Dunya
81.How the Dunya is the lowest pillar of the 6 pillars of the star of David pbuh
82.Where Adam's soul was when he was on the earthly heaven
83.Hussein's say:"purify me from my doubt and shirk"in Dua Arafa.What does that mean?
84.What does the Dua of"O God of the gods" "Lord of the Lords mean"?
85.What does Imam Ali a.s. mean I divorced it three times?
86."And the appearance of you in Sa'er and the appearance of you in Pharan/Paran"What does that men?
87.What is the veil that was twinkling/shining during the Prophet's ascension?
88.Why was AlKhither called this name?
89.What are the names that Adam a.s was taught
90.What does Imam Hussein a.s mean who followed me , became a Shaheed?
91.What does the gourdplant mean?
92.If it wasn't for Fatima I wouldn't have created you both? What does that mean?
93.What does Subhana Rabi Al Atheem mean?
94.What is the name of Subhana Rabi Al Ala?
95.Why is there a difference between Thikr in Rukoo and Sujood
96.Why was the army of Abraha punished by Allah and not Yazeed's army l.a. when they catapulted the Kabba
97.What does it mean when you complete Tawheed by removing the descriptions from him(Allah) mean?
98.Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?-
99.Woe to the falsehood-mongers
100.And the Poets,- It is those straying in Evil, who follow them:
101.Is the Son of God in the Bible true or not?If it is what does it mean.

As we said this is just a few....and we aren't done yet
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Jazak Allah khair for the list, indeed the knowledge of the Imam has come from a clear spring of Ahlul Bait a.s

PastnPresent wrote:Peace be upon you...

Can you guide me to the above^ bolded explanations of Ahmad for i cannot remember the ref? PM me?

and in advance---- the more the list gets longer the more i might ask you to guide me to the answers, if you would not mind?

and Thank you (all-ansars) for your help.

Some of the answers in the Book of the Allegories by Imam Ahmad Al-hassan pbuh
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