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By m-ali1988
Salaam Alaikum,

JazakAllah Khair for this brother, InshAllah no-one else will entertain this from now on as it's clearly put, anyone that thinks otherwise can respond.

Fi Amanillah.

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By reza64
Salam Dear brother Abdullah and everyone,

Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

Allhumma salli ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad wa Aima wa al Mahdyeen Wa saalam Tasleema Katheera

Fi Aman Allah

Ramadan Mubarak
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By Angel
Thank you Abdullah for clearing the misconceptions and doubts of our heads, may our intentions be clearer and purer with this knowledge that it is not only concerning the music but also for our actions and what comes from them.
May Allah swt be our judge he is the Most High All Knower and may He be pleased with all your efforts and the Ansari's work and may Allah reward you all plenty.
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By jav3d
Allhumma salli ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad wa Aima wa al Mahdyeen Wa saalam Tasleema Katheera

Thank you for clearing any misconceptions bro Abdullah
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By Angel
I am not sure, but i think the conditions would be:
-Have pure intentions and purposes when it comes to use/listen music, besides dancing and having fun.
-If a song suddenly starts without one even decide it or choose it, and this song has a message that we can't deny that make us reflect i believe it would be halal, may Allah forgive me if i am wrong. But an example would be the Psalms of King David (a.s) or the words of Bob Marley that are always praising and exalting Allah Almighty, or a song that reaches our hearts not because we like it or we choose to listen to it but one that has a deep message for us.

I believe this changes according to our intentions and the mere purporse on which we are, as Imam Ali said:

Divide your day into three portions. One in which you worship Allah. One in which you work for your livelihood. The third in which you entertain yourself by Halal means for the sake of obeying Allah in a better way

Could be consider listening praises to God by playing soft guitars or melodies
that make you feel serene enought to worship and praising Allah?

I hope i am not wrong and if i am may Allah be my helper, greetings.
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