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By Saihat Jibreel
Alsalam Alaikum

For those who were asking question, if you may please continue our discussion here and hopefully no one will be BANNED for speaking the truth

Here's the Last reply which has been deleted claiming it has "Blasphemy of any kind towards Allah (sw), Prophet Muhammad (saww), the Ahlul-Bayt and any Prophet of Allah, shall be met with a permanent ban from this site. No warning is necessary."
Allah is the Judge

i do not wish to be harsh to anyone
so i say sorry in advance if anyone gets hurt
i have been seeing the videos of hashemstudios consistently
some of them are quite well made
however, what made me surprised is that
one of the narrations used by followers of ahmad is
that says that there will be 12 MAHDIS AFTER IMAM UL QAIM asws
the narration says AFTER HIM as shown by the followers even
so, plz explain to me how do you present this narration for ahmad, who comes BEFORE HIM?

also, imam asws had told us that before appearence of sufiani, if anyone claims to have met me, he is lying
but we see syed ahmad making this claim time and again

also, his followers time and again say ahmad is very knowledgable, but not as much as HIS FATHER??????????
i mean, what is this all about? do you people believe tha the is son of imam asws(may Allah forgive me for typing this)?
(i mean, this is too much blesphamous, sorry if it hurts you, but i have seen it time and again on youtube)

** Before I start typing, To All Admins, Before you Ban me, re-check the Narrations that I'm about to post as they are all authentic from our trusted Shia Books **

Alsalam Alaikum
It is totally fine for you to ask, and inshAllah I will be at your service to answer with my limited knowledge of this Dawa
You have asked few questions, which I highlighted in red, so I will answer them inshAllah in point form:

1-The narration about the 12 Mahdis after the 12 Imams are in many many places, narrations from ahl albayt a.s, as well as Dua we read everyday, which we have not noticed !

And about Abu Baseer said: (("I told Al Sadiq, Ja'far Bin Mohammad (A.S), "O son of the Prophet, I once heard your father (A.S) saying that after the Qa'em there shall be twelve Imams", and then he corrected, "He actually said twelve Mahdis and not twelve Imams. They are from our followers (Shiite), who shall call upon people to support us and identify our right.")) Kamal Al Din (Perfectionism of Religion) chapter 2, page 358.

The statement in the prayer of Imam Reza -the right-of Imam Mahdi in the era of emergence ((O Allah Give him in himself and his family and his son and his descendants and the nation, and all his subjects as pleases him, and bring him the king of all kingdoms ... until he says: O Allah, bless the rulers of his era and imams after him and reach to their hopes and make their life's longer and dear their victory...)) Mosbah Al-Motahajid for the Tusi page 409.

It was narrated that Al Sadiq (A.S) once said, "from among us, after the Qa'em, we shall have twelve Mahdi's of Al Hussein descendents (A.S).
Bihar Al Anwar (Oceans of Lights), chapter 53 page 148, Al Burhan (The Proof), chapter 3 page 310, and Ghaybat Al Tousi (Occultation by Al Tousi) page 385.

About imam al sajad (as) he said: alqaim will rise from us and after him there will be 12 mahdis ......( sharh alakhbar 3/400)

About al sadiq (as) he said: from us, after the qaeim (as), 12 mahdies from the sons of hussein (as) ( mukhtasir basa'ir adarajat page 49 )

I hope that inshalla the rowayat of ahl albayt a.s will be enlightments for those who seek the truth ..
We know for a fact now, that ahl albayt a.s told us about the 12 Mahdis coming after the 12 Imams, but also, the imams a.s have also said to us that the Qaem is the 13 Imam, and in other places told us he is the 12 Imam.
Ahl albayt a.s speaking about the Qaem have narrations that contradict each other, it is AS IF THEY ARE talking about two different people
Once they say that the Qaem will kill the people in Kufa, and will be brothers with the sword
and in other Places they say the Qaem will receive the khilafa as if a bride is being handed to her groom without spilling of any blood.
This only leaves us with, with what Imam Ahmad a.s has explained to us, that there are 2 Qaems of the time of the appearance, both Imam Almahdy a.s and his son the 1st Mahdi a.s
InshAllah I will not post some of the Narrations that indicate that the Qaem is also the son of Imam Almahdy a.s

the Prophet (A.S.) is quoted as having said, “I and twelve from among my offspring, and you, Ali, are the button of the earth... If the Twelve from among my offspring are gone, the earth will collapse with its people. Al-Kulayni, Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, p. 534.

Jabir [ibn `Abdullah] al-Ansari says, “I visited Fatima (A.S.) and she was holding a tablet in her hands on which the names of the wasis from among her offspring were recorded. I found them to be twelve in number last of which is the Qaem a.s. Three of them were named Mohammad, and three of them were named Ali. Al-Kulayni, Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, p. 532.

Imam al-Baqir (A.S.) is quoted as having said, “The Twelve Imams from the Progeny of Muhammed (A.S.), from among the offspring of the Messenger of Allah (A.S.) and from the offspring of Ali ibn Aba Talib, blessings of Allah be upon both of them, are all informed of hadith. Al-Kulayni, Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, p. 533.

And remember, when a narration mentions offspring of prophet Mohammad pbuh or offspring of Fatima a.s , it does not include Imam a.s ....

2- As for the second point you have pointed out, of why is Imam Ahmad Al Hassan a.s, the wasi, has appeared before Imam Al Mahdi, and inshAllah the next rowaya from ahl albayt a.s explains this.
And another thing brother is that, The Imam a.s can appear by the appearance of his Wasi... So it is correct to say that Imam Almahdy a.s has appeared by the appearance of his wasi, Imam Ahmad a.s...

The companion of the order has two occultations, one of them will be long,until some of them will say he died,and some of them will say he is killed,and some of them will say he left,until nothing is left from his order except one of his righteous companions, and nobody will know about his matter from his children nor anybody else except the successor that will succeed him. AlGaiba LilToosi p.161

The Apostle of Allah pbuh has said " After placing his hand on Al-Hussain a.s he has said, O Salman, The Mahdi of my Umma, the one that fulfils this earth with justice and peace just as it was fulfilled with injustice and tyranny is from this son. He is an Imam the son of Imam, Alim the son of Alim, Wasi the son of Wasi, His father that comes after him is an Imam, Wasi, and Alim" I said, O prophet of Allah, The Mahdi is better from his father?. He said pbuh "His father is better than him, for the one that precedes like all their blessings, because Allah have guided them with him. [ The book of Sulaim bin Qais, Tahgig Mohamamd Baqir Alansari Page 429]

And we know that Imam Almahdy a.s is the best of the Imams from the sons of Alhussain a.s ... So this narration must have been directed about the First Mahdi a.s

3- The rowaya you have mentioned about the fourth Safeer of imam Almahdy a.s, is a sent letter, and is a rowaya of "Ahaad" .. Note what sayed Al-Khadimi has said about it " the auther of Bisharat al Islam", and what Sayed Al-khumani has said as well.
Other than the sanad being sent and from one person, the rowaya does NOT say for ALL who claims to have mushahada ... So please note that if you're an arabic reader.
If you have the idea that none has seen the Imam Almahdy a.s before Imam Ahmad Alhassan a.s, then please read the story about Masjid Jamrakan .. As well as many of ulama from before

4- Inshalla this has been answered by point form number 2

5- Imam Ahmad Al Hassan is not the direct son of Imam Almahdy a.s , but he is from his progeny
His tree of nasab is available here
His name is Ahmad son of Ismael, son of Saleh, son of Hussain, son of Salman, son of Mohammad ibn AlHassan Alaskari a.s

He is the son of Imam Almahdy a.s just like how Imam Alhassan and Imam Alhussain and all the imams are the sons of the prophet Mohamamd pbuh

*** If this post will be deleted for any of the admins to "PERSONALLY" think it harsh, then think again before you chose to reject any of rowayat of ahl albayt a.s ***
*** This post will be saved and re-posted in Hashemstudios Forum if necessary for those who seek the truth ***

Dua's and Salam
اللهم صلى على محمد و ال محمد الائمة و المهديين و سلم تسليما كثيرا
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