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By Zolfigarr
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:shock: how ridiculous :shock:
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By forsakened
Zolfigarr wrote:Would Ahlulbayt a.s allow themselves to be represented in this way!!Or do you sense hypocrisy behind this?
Is this what we get from the scholars of the end of days :cry: A lion in a costume beating himself. Is Allah swt humiliating the maraje'

Disgusting. Astaghfirullah!

But while that video is beyond revolting, I just wanted to point out that unless you can, without a shadow of a doubt, prove that all scholars who've seen this and/or have knowledge of this approve of it, your statement holds no water. Since its just as easy for someone who is anti-Shi'a to use this video and say "Is Allah SWT humiliating the Shi'a?"

There is ignorance and ignorant people in all quarters regardless if its within Islam in general, within Sunnism, Shiaism or within other religions or indeed even within Atheism. It is very easy for non-working scholars to mislead people into performing such acts, but that does not mean that ALL scholars are non-working.

In Pakistan you have such wierd practices "shia" do in Muharram it makes this video look tame. But you have scholars that support such embarrassing rituals (and other practices to make money) and you have those that speak out against it.
This has to be the most Bizarre thing i have ever seen, i take it they literally think that Imam Ali (as) was a Lion in that form :x LOL astaghfurullah.... what has the world come to... this was more like a dress up party or a circus than an azadaree for Fatimah (as). :thumbdown:


Mola Ali Waaris
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By jav3d
Salaam all,

This is truely bizzare!!! May Allah SWT guide us all on the right path!
Walekum Assalam

What the hell. :thumbdown:

THIS is called Beadabi (disrespect).
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