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By Guglie
Well bro sorry if my post confused you but what was wrong was wrong, and even you thought that. However you thought that I wrote those harsh words, whereas I only quoted them. Please dont expand things and lets just leave it at that.

Thank You

Alhamdulilah this has been resoveled Alhamdulilah.
I didnt back bite you Allahismyrefuge i sent you a message that admin removed on WUP, i had no choice but to bring it up in Hashem Forums to Insha who i know is admin on WUP.
I hope Admin will at least remove your abusive messages from WUP so no one is allowed to repeat the threats that you made to anyone again. Things went way to far its only Just that such things are prevented.
We all have to answer to Allah one day, and in my opinion that day may not be far off.
As for being the fairer gender that has no grounds on judgement day, each will be delt with man or woman for the sins commited, there is no im imune because im a woman, Allah cannot,, never will be, decieved by anyone at all.
Know that we have to stand before Allah and his judgement would be final.

Fi Amaan Illah
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