Here all resources pertaining to the Yamani will be posted
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By Joseph
That is good, Mash'Allah. Insha'Allah the people will have a chance to see the message and use their hearts. May Allah SWT guide us all.
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By Zolfigarr
Alhamdulila :) I was just wondering that if someone can post the url to their site of the wake up project it would be an honor.
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By Achernahr
Salam guys

I think Abdullah Prematurely announced this, lol

I'm working on it and going through the kinks of how it would work out. As you know the WUP site is not only controlled by me but by many others, so We are trying to get things clear and simple before it goes up so certain threads dont get locked quickly or such

give us a bit of time

in the mean time you are all free to post in the site info about the Yamani as long as you don't directly offend or attach any other member (you guys wouldn't do that, right? :P )

Word of advice, If you truly believe that Imam Ahmed Al Hassan is the Yamani, and you want to spread the word and let other know, then go about it gently and openly and be open to discussion and criticism, as many users on that site have not been exposed to this... so I wouldnt suggest bombarding them with tons of hadiths and statements that aren't open for discussion... rather get your point across through discussion

and Inshallah soon there will be a section for all such topics to be discussed
Brother Achernahr,

Masha-Allah that a thread will be opening soon in WUP, i pray that it would at least be disscussed.
I just want to point out that the brothers from Hashem forum posting on WUP where very polite, and only imparting the truth, unlike the reponse they recieved unfortunatley.
It would be great if you could advice people on WUP not to jump so fast in calling us a gang and occult followers.. that would be very helpfull in allowing the freedom the essense of disscussion to be positive even if its not accepted.

Fi Amaan Illah
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By insha
I just finished opening up a new section, for anyone that is interested.

Topics also covered:


Insha `Allah people will behave themselves.... from BOTH sides.

Narrated by Anas (ra):
Allah's Messenger (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said, "None of you
will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes
for himself."
Salaam Alaikum Brother Insha,
Masha-Allah happy to hear that.

May Allah Guide us to the truth and nothing but the truth :D
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