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Wa 3aleykum salâm wa rahmatullah

according to bro jasmieh, you have to be arabic speaker + an other language, because translating a translated book may bring you missing sens or so. I second him with that. And I hope many arabic biliguish people will respond the call because I want all of the books translated in english and french :D

fi amman Allah
Salam Alaikom,

I want to participate into translating the book of Mutashabehaat insha'allah, I am bilingual and arabic is my mother tongue Alhamdulila. So tell me when to start and I will begin translating it. Since there are 4 parts I will turn the first part of Mutashabehaat into pdf and upload it whenever I get done.
wa alaikum salam wa rahmat Allah

am at the moment too much caught up with other work, will inshaAllah get back for german translations as soon as possible, and I'd like to note: if the translators need any proofreading, formatting, editing... before publishing the books (english or german translations), let me know, I'm an expert at that
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inshaAllaah ,that will be a joy of the heart
Please give me some time i have to finish some work,i could translate from Arabic to French inshaAllaah ..
If someone want to collaborate :wave:
ZeE wrote:I would like to volunteer and could translate one of the English works ( for example the one about democracy) into German, it would be an honor.

I could start with the works, as soon as I return from my trip.

Salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu

Just wanted to add that translating a book that has already been translated will get the words sifted away.

So the main request is translating a book from arabic directly to the other language.
That is great Abdullah, I will do 1 and 2, you do 3 and 4. Work distribution is good to not make it very time consuming. Bismillah.

Bismillah ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem.

Brother Khadem wanted to make sure we all understood that the translations are ONLY ARABIC TO OTHER LANGUAGES. I know Abdullah and zolfigar are working on arabic to english, Alhamduli'llah.

We know many of you want to help and be a part of this da'wah, but Khadem said this is from Imam Ahmad al Hassan a.s.

Imam Ahmad al Hassan a.s. does not want anything translated unless it is from arabic to another language.

For example...we cannot translate from english to french, or french to german, etc. etc.

So Insha'Allah we can find some more brothers and sisters who can translate from arabic to other languages. And Alhamduli llah for those who are taking on these extra works, and may Allah SWT bless you with many ongoing-deeds, Insha'Allah.

Fi Aman Allah
kaoutar wrote:inshaAllaah ,that will be a joy of the heart
Please give me some time i have to finish some work,i could translate from Arabic to French inshaAllaah ..
If someone want to collaborate :wave:

Salaam ,
I want to add that if i'm not pleased / satisfied with the translation ,i'm not going to post it.
may Allaah guide all of us to his will § make us among the chosen ones..Aameen Yaa Rabu al Aalameen..
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