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By hamad
I found these repulsive attacks on our brother Abdullah Hashem on a shia chat forrum.

Pay attention to their words and baseless attacks. :clap:

I find it amusing that some of these people claim to be the followers of Ahlul Bayt. We need to start extending the achlaq of this board to other Muslim sites and blogs. We need to educate beyond our parameters and most of all teach them how to hold halal Islamic discussions. ... hemifilms/

Salam :wave:
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By Mohammed_ak
Yea these people have no respect and claim to be lovers of Ahlul Bayt(as). We can see what they are learning from there scholars when they talk. It just shocks me, the things people say its scary it seems like they think they will not be held accountable for their actions.
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By Joseph
Assalamau Alaikum

I pray that we all stay out of such talks and gossip with these types of people. We learn from the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) to show forgiveness, compassion, and most importantly patience for Allah (SWT). Engaging in these types of conversations will do nothing for our faith and our growth for Him. They can do nothing for us on the day of judgement and Allah SWT is sufficient for us in this life and in the next.

Now I know it hurts many of you to hear this type of talk about Abdullah and his work, but truth is...Abdullah has asked nothing from it, but to help us learn the truth about many things and to draw closer to Allah SWT. Abdullah is our dear brother and friend and we will defend him if it is necessary, but not against baseless gossip, because I don't believe he would even want us to engage in that.

Truth is, people can believe what they want, and study what they want, and do what they want for Allah (SWT) and He is all-knowing and knows what is in our hearts and what is in our thoughts, and what is in our actions and most importantly our souls.

In my personal opinion, there is not one opinion of another that I value, other than seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT and the wisdom and teachings that He has left for us....getting involved in such things will only take us away from what's most important and in my opinion goes against what the Ahlul Bayt A.S. taught us, and the way they lived.

So many oppressors attacked the Ahlul Bayt A.S. and how often are reminded of how they sought forgiveness for them, or how they offered many things for them, and they (A.S.) were patient for Allah SWT and hard-striving.

And not once have I heard anything from Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (A.S.) other than calling us to Allah (SWT) and to Truth. There is no doubt that many will label him and his followers terrible things, as I'm sure many label us many things, but who do we really seek to please in this life and the next? If it is the opinions of others and their acceptance, I pray that you step back and ask which is most important...the love of another creation or the love of the Creator.

Just follow your hearts and not the opinions and attacks of other men, Insha'Allah He will continue guiding and protecting us, and may He make the Yamani (A.S.) capable in this earth and hasten the reappearance of al-Mahdi (A.S.) and the Messiah (A.S.) and establish Truth and Justice in this earth, and let us die among the faithful, Insha'Allah.

Fi Aman Allah
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By billz
i dont belive in the yamani but as u lot know the world is ignorant they will never understand these matters, the people still watching and in this fourm have a greater knowledge capacity, allah says in his book quraan that there will those who will stay lost, i await for my IMAM and the prophet ISA to return
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By Thelitesoul
Jasir wrote:
Interesting video.

I would not rely on anything those guys from the Arrivals quote in their video, its better to look at some factual "conspiracy theories".

The same guys were before they made the Arrivals exposing some sex-cult sect in the US, and they were saying, that they had infiltrated it.
(I don't want to know about how they infiltrated this cult)

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