Here all resources pertaining to the Yamani will be posted
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By Thelitesoul
AL Habib Ali Al Jifri's opinion on the current events in Egypt...

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By npaki786
I've posted about him before. I'm sure you have seen Zolfigar on youtube ?
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By Mohammed_ak
I have a good feeling about him! you can check out zolfigars vids on youtube even brother joseph has said some thougnts about him in the newest hsr you should check that out too. Overall we havent seen him do anything wrong. I see that he is only calling us towards Allah swt to pure tawheed and telling us to beware of the non working scholars. I do not find anything wrong with that. About him being the Yamani, Allah swt knows best.
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By npaki786
Heres his latest video...
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By npaki786
Here is the link to the other discussion about him. Not a lot of participation. Though I am still confounded by this person. Zolfigar's videos are quite convincing so are his emails. =)

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By Djabriil
oops sorry, please merge the topics then

thanks for youtuber zolfigar, i didn't watch the videos yet, will do asap inshaa'Allah

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By Djabriil
I understand Ahmad Al Hassan is against the current revolutions because protesters are asking for democracy (little shoora) which is against Islam where the order come from Allah not from peoples, if so which stance should we take now and in the short term?

What is the last apparition of Ahmad Al Hassan, was it recently? How many followers does he has approx? I also read he prohibited weapons for his followers for the moment, does it make sense?

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By Saihat Jibreel
Alsalam alaikum

Dear brothers and sisters,

Imam Ahmad Alhassan a.s is the Promised Yamani, He is also the first of the 12 Mahdis that will rule after the Imam Almahdy (aj) in the state of the divine justice.

Imam Ahmad Alhassan a.s however has two roles before and after the state of of divine justice:
1- a role of being the successor of Imam Almahdi (aj) at the time of the appearance and the promised Yamani. He is the riser that ahl albayt a.s have talked about who will be brothers with the sword and kill the evil scholars in kofa ( Najf and karabala )

As you read the narrations of ahl albayt a.s you can see that when they mentioned the riser ( alqaem) or the Mahdi, they are as if describing two different people, as they say one time " the khilafa will be handed to him without spilling any blood " and in another narrations it mentions " he will kill thousands of scholars etc"

2- a role of being the first Mahdi of the 12 mahdis that will rule in the state of divine justice after the Imam Almahdy (aj)

Imam ahmad alhassan a.s is mentioned in the will of the prophet Mohamamd pbuh at the night of his death.
I have posted a thread about the will of the prophet Mohamamd pbuh at the night of his death with references in Here
Q- Le Mahdi dans le Coran.

Salam, Les Mahdis sont les Rappels. Q-31. No[…]

N- Nostradamus.

Salam, Lecture révélatrice des Livres. N-11.[…]