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By npaki786
Does he live in Iraq? anyone have a picture of what he looks like?
Also, looking on wikipedia, he is linked to this individual,
Dia Abdul Zahra Kadim, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Imam Ali (as)? (yes i know cant believe everything on Wikipedia).
Also going through there were some unanswered questions

"1) Are Ahl al-Kitab considered najis?
2) Is it mustahab or makrooh to wear black year-round?
3) What is his view of tatbir?
4) What is his view of the niqab?
5) i looking around on the website and i noticed in the forum that someone asked about the 3rd Shahadah in the adhan/iqama (اشهد ان علياً ولي الله). Does Ahmad al-Hasan know of the Imams said this in the adhan/iqama or of the Prophet authorized this?"

Were these questions answered by the Imam?
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By Hot_Sauce
hamad wrote:

WOW they called his followers a terrorist sex cult. WTH?

The west really hates Ahmad al-hassan (A.S.)

Have you read the ENTIRE article ? There were DIFFERENT cults mentioned. Ahmad Al Hassan was not linked with the Sex cult as how you mentioned :p
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By hamad
Hot_Sauce wrote:
hamad wrote:

WOW they called his followers a terrorist sex cult. WTH?

The west really hates Ahmad al-hassan (A.S.)

Have you read the ENTIRE article ? There were DIFFERENT cults mentioned. Ahmad Al Hassan was not linked with the Sex cult as how you mentioned :p

Oops, that's embarrassing. :oops:

I must have misunderstood, who the writer was alluding to.

Sorry bout that, I'm gonna have to re-read this.
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By billz
even if ahmaed-al -hassan may god bless his work, is not the yamani he is still telling every1 to be ready for al-mahdi so in my eyes the question is what hasheem asked us in semester 1 are we actually ready?
can we truely be the few ready for the Imam and isa[as], may allah guide us it is only of he who we ask through his zikir
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By jasmiyeh
@ napaki786

salam alaykom brother ,

ahmad al hassan is al mahdi AS who is mentioned in the will of the prophet mohamed PUH the one he left on the night he died . he is al mahdi AS who,s mentioned in the sunni books that will be born at the end of time , in the shia books is refered to al yamani AS .

the will of the prophet mohamed , which is mentioned in shsih muslim and al boughari under the heading of the calmity of thursday, the prophet dectated his will on monday night . refer to verse 2:180 in the quran.

in that will he mentioned how many khalifah will take place after his death , till this life form we are living in come to an end . the prophet was the sealed of the prophethood therefor he is one will mentioned those khalifas .

as allah said in the quran < "" i am placing on earth a viceroy """ . thats means those khalifa are only appointed by him only , through his prophet PUH.

any of those khalifa are hujat allah on the people and religion is not acceptable unless through them . ::''' in the quran allah ordered the angels and satan to prostrate to Adam AS , meaning to obey him ::

ahmad al hassan , is number 13 mentioned in that will, all man kind are tested in believing in ahmad AS . any one dont believe and follow him is resident of hell , regardless what he call him self , because he refused to warship god the way how god wants .

plz vist our web site

also we have an english room on the paltalk called the savior

ask joseph will guide you how to get there

if you have other questions let us know

god guide on the right path
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By HussainTheShortcomer
Ta2wil wrote:As-salam 3alaykoum,

It is the first time that I subscribe to a forum, so please forgive me if I post this message in the wrong place.

I would like to thank Abdullah Hashem and all his friends for the wonderful work they are doing. In cha2 Allah, I could in the future help all of you as you enlighted me. Shoukran ktir for that, Allah i hfazkoum wa i hmi koum wa i j3alkoum min ahl al Jana.
Well, I made many many searches on the net and elsewhere to find the book "The secrets teachings of Imam As-Sadiq (s)". And two days ago, soubhan Allah wa el hamdou wa el shoukour lillah, I found it in a lebanese bookshop. It is just incredible. But, in this bookshop, the responsible told me that it was a book from the ismaeli shia (7 imams). Is it true because for me it doesnt appear so? I would be so grateful if you could answer me.
And, it would be so wonderful for me if I could one day meet Abdullah Hashem and his friends.
I have a last question. Now that we know who is the Yemeni (s) (rohi laho el fida), what have we to do? Go to Irak and meet him?

Thank you so much for existing and for answering. May Allah Subhanaho wa ta3ala protect you all.

Assalam Alaykum,

It was published by an Ismaeli, not written. (viewtopic.php?p=31658#p31658 , look at this post and the one under it)

As for what to do, just prepare yourself spiritually :). Try and tell other people about it ... but thats going to be hard. I think you should start off by emphasizing the importance of "Supremacy of God over Supremacy of people". That the rulership and the decision to make things halaal and haram are only for those people that are appointed by God Almighty.

As for going to Iraq, I think we should wait for his signal first, he is our leader :).

Fi Amman-Allah
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