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RiserBrigades wrote:
That's narrator, who corrects himself in the hadith, not Imam Sadiq (as), what a poor argument - you have made. Ahmad al-Hassans facebook page is filled with edits, what kind of ''Allah in creation'' is he? Your beliefs make no sense.

You are wrong.

From Muhammad son of Muslim saying:I heard Abu Abdulla(a.s):Sufyani will rule over, after appearing for 5 places(damascus,homs,palestine,jordan,qunsoreen)after the duration of a woman's pregnancy.Then he
said:"Istagforalla!A camel's pregnancy,and it's a guaranteed matter,it must occur"
(Camel's duration of pregnancy is 13 months) Gaibat AlToosi p.449

He corrected himself so why editing is something not human?

Nothing wrong because the mistake doesn't lead to misguidance.

Imam Jaafar pbuh said:"So the Messenger pbuhap commanded Ali pbuh and Salman and Aba Thar and I FORGOT THE REST I THINK ITS call in the mosque with the highest of their voices that there is no faith to who does not secure his neighbor from the evil things. So they called three times and then he[Prophet] pointed to every 40 houses, infront of him and behind him, at his right and at his left.

Kafi v.3

قال: فأمر رسول الله صلى اللهعليه وآله علياا عليه السلام وسلمان وأباذر ونسيت آخر وأظنه المقداد أن ينادوا في المسجد بأعلى أصواتهم بأنه لا إيمان لمن لم يأمن جاره بوائقه ; فنادوا بها ثلاثا ثم أو مأبيده إلى كل أربعين دارا من بين يديه ومن خلفه وعن يمينه وعن شماله.

Often at times we see those who are opposing the call saying that infallibles are 100 percent in everything, almost as if they are non humans and would justify that they don't forget at all. This hadeeth shows us that an infallible can forget as it is normal, for even the Quran pointed out that Joshua a.s. forgot the fish and Moses a.s. and also Adam a.s. Them being infallibles is not harmed or let down from them forgetting because they are ultimately humans. Allah swt is the one who is 100 percent perfect who doesn't forget and doesn't sleep. There was even a case where Imam Ritha pbuh cursed those from the people of Kufa who believed that the Prophet s.a.w.w doesn't become inattentive and replied that only Allah swt doesn't become inattentive.


"When he pbuh wrote a book, he would put the pen on the paper and would write and write until he finishes. He pbuh would say take it and go print it. We would look at his work and would not find a mistake in his writing. He simply does not talk of his own desire."
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