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Attn to the Office and its Supporters; Pls answer the below questions!
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Attn to the Office and its Supporters;
Pls answer the below questions:
1. Did anybody else deliver the glad tidings about the return of Imam Mahdi a.s on the occasion of the King Abdullah’s death to us, except of the 12 men?
2. Did not Prophet Muhammed sawas promise this to us?
3. Is not Prophet Muhammed sawas represented in this age by Imam Mahdi and Imam Ahmed a.s?
4. Did not this 12 men claim to have been taken by Imam Ahmed a.s to Imam Mahdi a.s?
5. Isn’t it necessary to consider any conspiracy that takes place around the Vicegerent of Allah? Especially if it’s that coming from his close companions as very possible? At least consider this possible?
6. What do you think about the office’s behavior? They are calling the black banners’ ansars dwarfs, rats.. They commanded everyone to block us.. They immediately judged us as hypocrites.. Are they behaving according to Ahlulbait a.s? If yes.. Then, why did Imam Ali a.s even on the battlefield before the battle starts, go to its opponents and give them another invitation to the truth?
7. What do you think about the quotes from the books of Imam a.s where he is predicting that the ansar are gonna fight against him?
Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. said about this call:
“It is a message like the message of Muhammad (sawas), and it has the same as the message of Muhammad, it has Abu Bakr and Umar, and it has Abu Dharr and Ammar and Salman…etc. It has Kumayl and Maytham, and it has Ziyad the son of his father. It has and it has…..a message like every message, may Allah grant you success.
8. What do you think about these quotes? Who is the Samari in this dawa whom is an ascetic scholar? And what is this calf in this dawa?
Imam a.s said: There must be Samari and there must be a calf..
Imam pbuh said: “Thus, just as there was Samari with Moses, and there was Judas with Jesus, similarly with Muhammad pbuhap the likes of Samari and his associates were present, and similarly there will be a Sameri and his associates with the Mahdi. This is the Sunnah (way) of Allah, and you will not find a change in the Sunnah (way) of Allah”
9. If you came to the point that, ok both sides are really presented their major proofs and there not gonna be the major proofs next time. So I need to reach to an conclusion. So is it not perfectly halal to turn to Allah and seek guidance from Him swt by doing istikhara?
From Ali ibn Mo’ath, he said: “I said to Safwan bin Yahya: ‘By what thing have you determined that Ali – meaning [Ali] Al Rida (pbuh) – [is the Imam]?’ He said: ‘I prayed, and supplicated to Allah, and I made Istikhara and became certain that he was him (the Imam)’” (Ghayba Al-Toosi: p. 54)” – End of Alaa AlSalem words
10. How can you not get disturbed when you heard video statement from the police rep. saying that the ansar in Iraq are 2 groups and 1 group has permission from them, like permission from the government. And they know them like individually. It is obvious that they have permission because ansar in Iraq they are left at peace while some of them being still in the prisons and Imam a.s is still being chased by the government. The office and all the actions that they are doing are like successful. They have openings, have satellite channel, newspaper, they have all those of things. So it is obvious that they have permission of the government. So how do you like that?
11. How is it possible in your minds that Imam a.s asks us to put our hands on the hands of Bani Abbas who were torturing the ansars and still are torturing some of the ansars of Imam a.s and make peace with them even for a minute?
The Imam whom he couldn’t attend his mother’s funeral because of the government which was chasing him. So how is it possible in your minds that Imam a.s asks us to cooperate with this government?
12. This person who claims to be the Imam on Facebook, does he have any connection to calmness and tranquility?!
Safwan ibn Yahya narrated that Abi Sa’eed AlMakari narrated that Harith ibn Al-Mugheera Al-Nasri said: I said to Abu Abdullah a.s.:
“By what thing is the Imam known?”
So he a.s. said: “By calmness and tranquility”
So I said: “And by what else?”
So he a.s. said: “And you know him by Halal and Haram, and by that the people needs him, and he needs no one. And he will have the weapon of the Messenger of Allah sawas”
I said: “Is he a Vicegerent son of a Vicegerent?”
He a.s. said: “He must be a Vicegerent son of a Vicegerent” Book of Ghaybah – Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Al-No’mani – Page 249. Bihar Al-Anwar 52/156, Hadith 26
14. How can you not question that your Saraya Qaim banners are not the real black banners of Qaim a.s because there is not “Allegiance is to God” written on it? And with this, are you not being suspicious that your “Saraya Qaim” banners can be supporter of the Supremacy of the People instead of Supremacy of Allah swt because there is no biyahlillah written on it?
15. Imam a.s said in Jihad book about the defensive jihad: “It is the fight of the believers and defense of the the land, whom its people are on the religion of truth, when this land is attacked by the disbelievers and the polytheists.” So how you are claiming that you are obeying these words of Imam a.s by doing this jihad in order to protect the land of Iraq while Imam a.s is here talking about the BELIEVERS whom its people are on the religion of truth? Are the Bani Abbas are the believers?
16. What do you think about of this quote that İmam Ahmed al Hassan a.s said: “…For THERE IS NO JIHAD, except, UNDER THE BANNER of the GUARDIAN OF ALLAH and His SUCCESSOR on His Earth….”
• And what do you think about this quote of Imam a.s: “Therefore, the Jihad, whether offensive or defensive, must be for the sake of upholding the word of Allah, not for the sake of defending the country or the land, in order that the believer may not have any personal interest in the Jihad, except for upholding the word of Allah”
18. What do you think about this Hamami’s video below where he never says salawat after mentioning Imam a.s’s name: ... =2&theater
Are you not get offended by that?
19. We have exposed that Tawfik Masrour was one them who was writing on facebook in the name of Imam Ahmed a.s. and also Mostafa ALAsadi confirmed it. What do you think about that? Does it not bother you, maybe the one who gave the jihad order can be Dr Tawfik Masrour?
20. You said that we are unknown ghosts, and you used this strange excuse to refuse to do Mubahala against us. Now that we all have revealed who we are.. So, why do you still not accept our invitation to Mubahala?
21. What about the video where Hassan AlHamami the head of the office saying that this dawa is a misguided dawa and terrorist dawa and that Imam Ahmed a.s. is misguided and misguiding (check the below links) , and he admitted to the intelligence in that video that he is the head of the office of the dawa. Some people say he was doing taqiyyah? Ok let’s assume he was doing Taqqiyah. But why they left Hamami as the head of the office of the dawa?
Here is the clips of Hamami find them in these videos
22. If the Imam is homeless and expelled, and there is a judicial sentence against him which was released in his absence (sentenced in absentia), and he is chased by the government, and he is “wanted”, and a lot of his Ansar have been imprisoned, and a lot ofthem have been executed (killed by a judicial sentence), and until now there are some of them who are sentenced to death, 20 Ansar in the prisons of the oppressors.And in other words by Imam Ahmed pbuh he said “I will never flatter or compliment, I will never bargain” and he pbuh said ” I am like my grandfather Al-Hussein pbuh, and my nose is like a stone. I swear by Allah I would rather be slain a thousand times than lower my head for an oppressor.”.
The question here is: Is the office flattering and complimenting by the command of the Imam pbuh? Is the Imam contradicting himself?
23. Have you noticed that on the satellite channel they never attack any marja’s? Do you know how many time the channel refused shows we made from here from the minbar of Egypt JUST BECAUSE WE MENTIONED A MARJA’ OR CRITICIZED HIM OR COMPARED HIS WORDS WITH THE IMAM’S A.S WORDS? Why they refused that we talk about America is the Dajjal? Why they refused that we talk about the government of Bani Abbas? Why they refused that we talk about Sufyani? Why they refused that we talk about the Family of Saud? Why they refused that we mention any Marja’ or compare his words to the Imam’s words? Isn’t demolishing the structure of falsehood the base of our belief which Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. has come with?
Dear Ansars..

We all believe that there is Imam Ahmad A.S. (the promised Yamani) and he is just one. Please note in absence of Imam a.s. the office of Najaf could go astray: look they asked Iraqi covernment for getting position within the governing system of Iraq.. what is this they want to share the power with the Abbasids... think of it.... and study study and study... then ask Allah SWT for help make Istekharah with pure heart and see the what comes for you...

Fi Aman Allah
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