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By amin13
Dreams about the CALL of the truth
Here some dreams of mine are shared and hope if anybody else have dreams about the holy Daawat may share them with us here.
2-3 years ago in Ramadan I had a dream in which I heard that some Angels telling me “Help Abdollah Hashem and we will help you”.
I had the above dream when I was thinking that how I may help the CALL of Imam a.s. and after this dream I was sure that Brother Abdollah Hashem a.s. is one of the key characters in this holy CALL.
Another dream I had about Imam Hossein a.s.: before telling the dream I need to clarify that I saw the dream when I heard very newly about Black Banners and was thinking that is a group created against Imam Ahmad a.s. and I did not know about the office of Najaf and that Abdollah Hashem a.s. is with Black Banners. In the night after I sent some posts against the Black Banners I saw a dream:
I saw Imam Hossein a.s. who had been captured by a group of people and one of them was slaughtering flesh. During the dream I was thinking that they are Sofyanies L.A. and all of a sudden the person replaced by. He wad Shimr ibn Dhi 'l-Jawshan L.A.. it was like they were waiting for a possible time to martyr Imam a.s.. I waked up and understood something was wrong with my understanding of the Black Banners. I made Istekharah 3 times. All of them telling me the truth is with the Black Banners. After that I made more research on Black Banners and found that Abdollah Hashem (Aba Sadiq a.s.) also is with the Black Banners. Thanks to Allah SWT for guiding us to the banner of the truth.
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