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Panchwidh Chikitsha, very commonly known as Panhakarma, suggests five types of treatments. This category of ayurvedic treatments done with kerala ayurvedic medicines include Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Niruh Vasti and Anuvasan vasti.Basically all these methods of Panchwidh Chikitsha are included in sanshodanam Chikitsa category of the Chaturwidh Chikitsa where elimination of toxins due to Dosha aggravation tendency is carried out. The measures by which doshas are purged out through body is similar for both treatment or Chikitsas. The technique is however applicable only on a person with strength and needs the examination or prescription of the ayurvedic doctor even though the Panchakarma is a common package in tourism and holiday packages of kerala ayuvedic resorts and spas.

The first type of treatment is the Vaman which is the oral elimination of aggravated doshas. Emetics are prescribed for initiating induced vomiting in the patient for detoxification. Virechan is the abolition of doshas through anal region by use of purgatives, enemas and laxatives. This helps cleanse and unblock the digestive system of the patient which improves digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrition.

Nasya is eradication of mucous from respiratory tracts and sinuses. This is helpful in getting rid of the consistent problem of sinusitis and other infections. Anuvasan vasti and niruh vasti are basically helpful in intensifying intestines and eradicating the doshas from the intestines respectively. Some times another method known as Raktmokshan chikitsa is also included. Raktmokshana is a procedure in which there is transfusion of good blood and elimination of disease causing contaminated blood from the body.
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