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By eonedila
We can see clearly that no single contradiction in al-Quran and there a lots of contradictions in the Bible besides there are so many proves that Bible was altered since long time ago while al-Quran still remain the same. In Christian opinion, why is Quran wrong and Bible is right even though there are lots of contradictions in the Bible??
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By erikasha11
Assalam u alikum.

Abu Hajira,
Jazaku Allah for that thorough reply.

I would add that the mention of the "days" and creation is the translation of the word 'yaum', (or ayaum pl), and that word not only means "day", as in our 24 hours, but also 'a period of an extended time'.
So the 'periods' of creation are not the literal days, so interpret Imam Ahmad, Ibn Abbas, and Mujahid. So not only are the periods inclusive, but the true nature and stages of the periods, ie. how He (SWT) measures them in relation to each other, or other measurements ( such as days, months, years, light years, eons, etc), are known by Allah.
All that we know of these 'yaum' is that they occurred in a particular order.

As for the Quranic verse of "8 days" for creation, where exactly is this because i have not found it?

And Allah knows best.
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