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By reza64
Salamun alaikum warahmatollahe wabarakatu dear brothers and sisters,

Today I came across this webpage : which looked very interesting to me so I thought I share it with the ansars,

This webpage is basically explaining the bless and benefit of these sacred words.

For example: It says if you recite Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) 100 times you will get a sharp memory.

Don't forget our imams and all ansars in your prays.

Allahoma sali ala Mohammad wa ale Mohammad alaemate walMahdeen wasalama tasliman kasira
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By kaoutar
Assalaamu Âlaykum,

Shokran brother for this post....
I can't beleive that i didn't read it before :thumbup:
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By alam
salaamun. dear br/sis. I found in Yamaanii(as) tradition that there are 73 (72+1) names of Allah stw; and am searching to know those. Could anyone please show a link? regards and salaam.
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By Nizar
Salamu alaikum.

I would like to share a few that Inshallah will be beneficial to you.

1- Raise your hands after each prayer and recite Ya-Hadi 20 times or more for guidance and more knowledge.

2-Recite Ya Aalim al Ghayb 100 times after each prayer to reveal hidden secrets.

3-Whoever makes a habit of reciting (Ya Hadi Ya Khabeer Ya Mubeen) late at night (fulfilling less physical needs) Allah swt will reveal secrets to you and bless you with spiritual knowledge Inshallah. After you finish reciting them you say (Ihdeeni Ya Hadi, Akhbirni Ya Khabeer, Bayyen li ya Mubeen)
Condition: The less your stomach is filled the better.

4- Make a habit of reciting the following to gain safety from all creatures. (Ya Haleem Ya Ra'uf Ya Mannan)
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By As-Saif
Thank you reza that is amazing :)
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