Here you can listen to the noble quran whenever you like
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By kaoutar
Assalaamu Alaykum waRahmatu Allaahi wa Barakatuhu,

I'm looking for a French copy of The Quran, i hope that someone can help me, if there is an online website please share...

I found 9 Suwar in Al Mahdyoun french web, but there is only 9 chappters, i need the complete Quran ... -francais/

Shokran in advance
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By Piririn
Waleikum salam brother, try this site please
By Piririn
also this site might become handy,....give it a try
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By kaoutar
Merci for the quick replay Para
Do you know the institute wich is responsible of this website?

Sister kaoutar ;)
By Piririn
which one ? the first or the second link ?
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By kaoutar
The first web, please
By Piririn

maybe ask him via email
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By kaoutar
Thank you

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