Here you can listen to the noble quran whenever you like
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By Djabriil
Salâm 3aleykum!

I would like to use this topic to gather all informations about Quran from Ahlul Bayt, inshaa'Allah

I found this site:
If you know good sites in english or french please share

And of course all tafsir from Ahmad Al Hassan are welcome on this post

Fi amanillah
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By Adam and Huwwa
[center]What difference there is between a deed whose pleasure passes away leaving behind it the pangs of pain and punishment and the deed whose cruel severity or oppressive harshness comes to an end leaving behind it heavenly rewards and blessings.said by: Second Infallible: Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (as) a.k.a Ameer Al-Momineen, Al-Murtaza[/center]
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