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By Djabriil
Salam 3aleykum

I need you help gathering info on these subjects inshaAllah:

What are the definition of:
-believer, unbeliever,

What can be said to whom, what should be kept secret, what are the rules of taqyia nowadays

I think most of these have been discussed already but if you can point me to the links would be much appreciated inshaAllah, All Praises are for Allah the amount of texts from Imam Ahmad (as) and the ansar is increasing and it's not always easy to find what we are looking for, al Hamdulillah.

Fi Aman Allah
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By ansarofallah
Wa3laykum Asalam waRa7matullah waBarakatu brother,

In the blessed book 'The Labyrinth or the Path to Allah' Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh) tells us that while taqqiya is confirmed by the Imams (pbut) "some people fail to support the family of Muhammad (as), with the excuse of practicing taqqiya, especially in the Age of Appearance of Imam al-Mahdi (as)."

Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh) then says: "So taqqiya doesn't mean quitting or leaving the Jihad (strife) for the sake of Allah, but it means to work cautiously, for example: if you want to kill a poisonous snake, you have to approach it quietly to strike it on its head, but if you make a lot of noise the snake will notice that you are approaching it, and maybe it will start to attack you. And on the authority of Abi Ja'far (as) in Sahih Al-Hazaa: “By Allah, the most loved companions to me are the most pious and knowledgeable, and the concealer of our sayings.”

And concealing the sayings of Ahlul Bayt (as) from those who don't believe in the Imamate of ala Muhammad (as), those who obstinate them (as) and are not among their (as) mandate."

To read the full chapter on Taqqiya by Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh) refer to 'The Labyrinth or the Path to Allah' Pages 49 & 50.

Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings,
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By HussainTheShortcomer
Walaykum al salam,
I think question2/answer2 by sister Ahilla in this thread is quite good (
Q: Are those who deny or refuse to accept the Divinely appointed Leadership of Imam Ali(as) or the Imams(asa) are we to consider them Believers or Unbelievers according to Imam Ahmad(as) ?
A: As for those who deny the leadership of Imam Ali pbuh or any of the twelve Imams and twelve Mahdis, our obligation toward them is to call them for the truth. That is how Imam Ahmad al-Hassan pbuh responds to people who ask him although they disbelieve in him, he continuously calls them for the truth without judging them once and for all to be disbelievers.
I believe the judgment all rests on their willingness. If they appear to be unwilling to learn or hear then there is no obligation to continue (in fact it could be harmful for them!). But just to simply say the messenger of Imam Mahdi (as) is here and to give links to the websites is sufficient as the Imam (as) has said, and if they have questions or are interested further, then we can answer if possible or redirect them to resources inshallah.
fi aman allah
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