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By Zolfigarr
Salam Alaikom wr wb

I swear by Allah a couple of days ago I saw a vision of a member who recently registered on HSB(in my vision)and his name had 1993 within it, saying that I am a close person to Sistani and I wanted to tell you that he is from the line of Muawya son of Abu Sufyan.

Fi Aman Allah
Salaam ill just copy out my dream:
night before 10/04/12:
i was in a mosque/husseiniya, i was in a room with others, then we were told to leave the room, we left the room into some kind of small courtyard in the middle of the complex (of buildings around the small 'outside' area). i turned around to look at the room and it wa block off with a bars across it (those zigzag doors that you pull along, so it blocks off but you can see through it, the room didnt have a wall on that entry side) - i saw i guy in front of the room giving a sermon and there was no1 else in the room (and no1 was allowed to go in). i then walked to left and i realised i was in 'sistani's mosque', music started playing, i then saw a kitchen place and a frend i dont talk to anymore, he was stuck behind the same bars (this time to the door of the kitchen) he didnt seem to mind, i talked with him for a bit then he somehow got outside the bars, then i walked a bit more in side the place, i started to question the music of the place - loud club music, no1 else seemed to care at all as if its normal.
SubhanAllah Allah is exposing the deviant ones through the Malakoot.
I also saw something related..

I was with Sadik Al-Husseini delivering the call of imam Ahmad AS to people and as if one of the men rejected [he was a follower of Sistani], so Sadik Al-Husseini said: "it's enough to say that the Ansar of Imam Al-Mahdy are going to heaven and Sistani is going to hell".
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