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By waleedAhlulKa'aba
asalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I just thought Id share these books with everyone, they largely focus on grammar issues so i think the level is about beginner to intermediate for learners. I think the basic requirements to know when using these is the arabic script and pronounciation, unfortunately i dont have any books specifically on those but i will post if i come across anything useful. Theres 3 books i have, ill post them in order of difficulty.

Easy Arabic Grammar:
this one focuses on the basic issues of grammar, theres lots of things to pick up from it.

Arabic Verbs and essential grammar:
this is by the same author is the first book, it focuses a lot on word structure and puts the sentence structure in the second half.

A new arabic grammar of the written language:
this is a really big book. The quality is a little poor (scanned), however if you read the other 2 books (above) first you should have too much problem recognising the arabic with markings.

T- La Table Servie.

Salam, Manger une autre sorte de nourriture. […]

Q- Le Mahdi dans le Coran.

Salam, L’Envoyé de Dieu et Son Livre. Q-28. […]

N- Nostradamus.

Salam, Le découvrement. N-9. Ce qu’ont subi[…]