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By HussainTheShortcomer
Salam alaykum brothers and sisters,

After reading the Sealing Prophecy I realised that I should be sharing the visions and dreams I enjoyed ... with you guys! :)

The Prophet (pbuhap) said,
“If one amongst you has seen a vision that he loves, then it is from Allah, so let him praise Allah for it and speak about it.”

Just now I had a dream: I was in a conference of some sort, people introducing their products/ideas. It was recorded by a cameraman who I know in real life. I replayed (the recording) the part near the end of the conference and it was a loudly audible microphone that said ".. Al-Yamani Ahmad Al-Hassan would like to talk to you." So I replayed it again (intending to pick up more) but I heard the same thing, then I replayed it a third time and it said: "Laila .... Al-Yamani Ahmad Al-Hassan would like to talk to you." In my dream I was thinking, "Why didn't she tell us she talked to the Yamani (a.s) ??" Then when I wake up I realised its because it hasn't happened yet :).

A few weeks ago I had about 7 visions/dreams in just one night, these visions I enjoy most, (PS: I forgot the order)
one of them I was in a long desert road, it had checkpoints, like a racetrack. I was walking on foot, I came from a certain place and now I was walking away from it, I talked to a relative and thats it. In another dream I was talking with 2 guys, and after some time I saw Abdullah Hashem, he walked up to us and shook hands with the 2 guys first, then for me he hugged me instead. Afterwards the 2 guys were discussing why he didn't hug them (lol :) ). In another setting it was a party, my birthday party, heaps of people, near the end of it I started eating food and people started leaving, only a handful were left, I remember the building I was in but it doesn't match anything in real life (that I've seen).

Another dream I was walking alongside Joseph McGowen, we were discussing the validity of a suggestion I made. And in another I was looking at a photo album of one of my best friends, it was his marriage. This next one is quite strange: I was in a playground like area ... and I was targeting people (?), as in I would try and grab people and pull them ... basically everyone was running away from me, then one guy (I studied with him at uni in real life) was telling me about one of the guys running away and how he was really scared (?). And lastly, I was in a big temple-like building, I went down some huge stairs (wide) and I saw my little sister, I wasn't very happy with her for some reason so I threw something on the ground to show my disapproval (hmm forgot what it was).

It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) that he said:
“Who saw me in his sleep has indeed seen me, as Satan does not appear in my image, nor the image of any of my of successors, nor the image of any of their followers, and the true vision is a part of the seventy parts of prophecy.”

Nice to know it is as if I saw Abdullah and Joseph in real life! And hoping to see more Ansars this way Inshallah :).

Fi amman Allah
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By Aunslaught ihd
SubhanAllah how fortunate Alhamdulillah :)
Hoping to see you too, bro :)
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By HussainTheShortcomer
Salam alaykum,

Today I had a nice dream I would like to share. I was at some official place in an Arabic country with majority Sunnis, with Abdullah Hashem and 2 other brothers, they were at the counter "registering" something with forms and the like. I was a few meters away watching a public TV. An advertisement came on TV, it was promoting the works of Ahmad Al-Hassan. It was talking about the genocide in (a country from Africa) and the work Ahmad Al-Hassan is doing to help them out. They were using gas or something to burn the people's face (as I understood in the dream), so it was talking about a face cream that Ahmad Al-Hassan invented to cure those people, the advertisement also asked everyone to support him. Seeing this in a Sunni country surprised me, so I went to Abdullah and told him. Then he was shocked, I was explaining to him how it "got through", that they didn't see any Shia words like "Ahlulbayt". After that we all went back to the counter and continued with the registration. Alhamdulilah.

Fi amman Allah
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