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By waleedAhlulKa'aba
Hi everyone,

Amazingly since accepting the da'wa Ive been able to recall many dreams like many other Ansars while beforehand remembering dreams was a rare occasion. SubhanaAllah and Alhamdulillah for honoring us with the Ahlulbait's wilaya/allegiance (as). Although Ive had many dreams, most of them are extremely vague/weird with some being extremely violent, so I stick to the clear ones inshaallah :). I don't remember getting any good ones in Ramadan, I wasn't allowed to fast though so Ill try to do make up fasts and see what happens :!: .

1. I had this dream a while back about 1 month after accepting the Imam (as), thats about 3-5months ago. It was in first person and I saw huge, extremely tall, narrow doors; side by side with not much space between them (so its like a wall but with excessive doors Ill try to draw it inshaallah). They're all the same - having 2 doors each and open. There was a stage-like platform behind the doors, I think it had one or two stairs. I got this feeling that something 'bad' was going to happen a disaster of some sort, like with the Prophet Noah (as) and the flood but i wasnt sure exactly. I went to one of the doors and tried to close it but I couldn't. After trying for a while someone came to me and closed one of the doors, theres was a hinge at the bottom that he pushed in and the door closed. I was looking down the whole time so I didnt see who it was. I then tried to close a door after him but still couldn't.

2. This one felt like a journey I think it might've been two dreams though. It was kind of first person, but as I recall it was like a movie. I was there but initially my sight was 'directed'. So I saw a sun in the sky. But then after a while (not sure how..) it 'becomes apparent' that its not the sun but the light of the sun is shining on this object which was the moon or a planet. The view then moves right and focuses on the sun. The same thing happens again - realisation that its not the sun and the view moves right to the third (actual) sun. I think each was bigger than the other, it was really dramatic like watching a movie. A fog then starts to come down, everyone panics, I then realize im actually there..... I didnt panic like everyone else, probably cause I knew about coming disasters. As the fog comes really close I start praying and then the scene changes.
I'm being 'detained' with other people, its not jail though, to try to describe it (this is actually quite accurate) we were in long caravans about three times the normal length. Someone was being taken away by guards, not sure why. I was at the end with some others and everyone seems to be reasonably comfortable. There was a person that had his eye removed then replaced with another one (don't know why!!!); he wasn't complaining though and said the eye was starting to work.

3. I was going on with daily things as normal. The sura Fatiha was being recited with 'Imams and Mahdyeen (as)'. This wasn't an implied meaning, everyone including me was saying 'AlEmma wal Mahdyeen' somewhere in the sura but the world was exactly the same and everyone was doing the same thing as this current world (same sects etc.).

4. There was a 'sick person'. He had a disease that people couldn't do anything about. There was a book that helped him out when he read from it, noone else was allowed to read from the book except him.

Thanks for reading :thumbup: , inshallah I will share when I get more :mrgreen: .
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By Labbayk_Ahmed
Mashallah brother, May Allah bless you and increase His favor on you and all Ansar.
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By Farzana
thank you for sharing this.

may Allah swt shower his blessings on you
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By waleedAhlulKa'aba
Hey everyone,

I had a dream last night (night of thursday 8/9/11 NZ timezone), it seemed to be about almost exclusively on astrological events. I was in this weird house/observatory place and looking out of a huge window, at first I saw the two winged thing exactly as it was on this youtube clip in auckland ( ). I tried to to tell people but they didnt care. It disappeared then I kept looking out expecting something to come, after what seemed to be a long while (in the dream) a huge moon started to appear from top to bottom. It looked like the moon except it was really close (took up more than half of the huge window) and it had a small ring around the middle. To the left was a small 'moon' that appeared at the same time, about 1/5 the size of the big one. Then they both slower faded away, then fade back into view. this happened at least 3 times then I think i got bored and decided to drive back home and I seemed to be out of town and couple of hours away. Once I got back, Hussain called me and he was at the same place - not sure if he told me or I just knew somehow. He asked for directions to come back. I asked where he was (now that I think about it why did i ask if i was just there???). He said two words i cant remember "the ......". I asked him for more details, he got mad and closed the phone. I called back and he said "its fine im already at Countdown" implying hes found at least some of the way towards home. (Countdown is one of the 'big' supermarkets in NZ).

Ok Hussain wants to put his dream too lol, which happened the same night, also were in the same room so maybe theres some kind of link?? alhamdulilah rub al 'alameen.
Funny enough I dreamt yesterday I was at a supermarket with Waleed ... one of my three dreams anyway :). In this dream there was a woman who was laughing at my brother because he was buying a healthy food, she said "why don't you buy the alternative, it's cheaper!", but he said he wanted the healthy version, so she brought her family, and they all started to laugh (2 other people).

The second dream involved one of my friends, he does not know anything about conspiracies or comet/Nibiru/Elenin. In the dream he was trying to convince some of our University classmates that "the Comet is coming!". The classmates argued back with disbelief, I went up to him and told him that he shouldn't be telling "normal people" about this because they won't believe. Third one isn't that interesting so I won't mention it.

Waleed: Ok that's all for now. May Allah keep all the Ansar safe Inshallah.
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By reza64

Looking forward to seeing more of these inshallah. I think Elenin is very close now!

Thank you very much for sharing.

Allah Bless you.
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By waleedAhlulKa'aba
Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmat allah wa barakathu,

I had a dream a while back (9/02/12), i had woken up just before fajr was over, prayed and then went back to sleep around 7am.
[Just a note: the previous day I missed the maghrib prayer, and tried to pray it while travelling in a car but didnt finish/did it really poorly while being sleepy.]
I dreamt i was in the house of or a room with Imam Ja'afer AlSadiq (as) and was feeling guilty about not having prayed the previous day's mughrib prayer. I was praying on a prayer mat facing toward the front of the room (trying to make up for the prayer), but was interrupted before finishing by two kids (dont remember what happened). I then got up and then went back to try and pray again, but the mat I was using was gone. I looked around and there was a similiar looking one among others, but they were all facing (as kibla) 90degrees clockwise to where i was facing. I tried to take the mat but there was a person pulling on it so I gave up. After a while I learnt that there were many people coming into the place to learn and benefit from Imam Ja'afer (as) but did not believe in his imamate (i think the person whose mat i tried to take, was one of them), I was mad about this fact.
I then either woke up or went into a 2nd dream, and thought that maybe that dream wasn't real, then suddenly I got an instant vision of 3 adjacent prayer mats with 3 persons leading prayer, and the 3rd (rightmost) person was Imam AlSadiq (as). Possibly in the same room, and seemed to be facing the kibla i was facing. I then thought, in the dream, this means others appear to be leading/have authority but the right way or straight path was with the Imam (as) because he was on the right mat while praying.
Im still confused about this dream, and unfortunately there were other details i had forgotten because i took so long to write down the dream (around evening). Also its interesting to note at the time (and still) I am attempting translating the Dream interpretations by Imam AlSadiq (pbuh) since I thought it would be useful for everyone especially for those who cant even take info from it if they took a long time looking up the words. If anyway wants to help with editing please let me know, Im about 2thirds finished.

Wasalam alakum warahmatullah wabarakathu
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