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By Joseph
Assalamau Alaikum waRahmatullah waBarakatu.

We would like to thank all those who have helped thus far, promoting The Arrived throughout the internet. MashAllah, because of all your hard work, there is no question that a new audience has been reached out to, as part 2 of The Arrived currently has 8,893 views and climbing, the other parts catching up quickly.

This is great Alhamdulillah, but InshaAllah we can begin increasing these numbers soon. I myself have to admit, that over the past week, my focus has been in other areas, but we have to realize the importance of promoting, as this message and Truth cannot reach the people, if they do not know where to reach it.

We know that it's not enjoyable, believe me I know, there were days where I'd sit in front of the computer for 15 hours spamming facebook, youtube, and other sources, but there is no doubt that these things helped in the first wave of viewers, and it's clear that since we have stopped, the views have plateaued.

I'm asking for anyone who was helping before or who would like to help, to do what you can in ensuring this series enters the homes of many around the world, specifically since this series is being translated into so many languages. Use the promotion tactics before, but if there are any new ideas, please share.

Thank you, and may Allah swt be with all of you in every step you take, and may He swt make this series successful and a means of bringing many around the world to the Dawah InshaAllah.

Allahuma salle ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad, al A'Emma, wal Madiyeen wa salam Tasleema Katheera
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