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By Aunslaught ihd
Brother Abdullah, keep up your good work Insha'Allah, MashAllah you've got a very strong base on which to spread the Dawah, may Allah reward you for that.

I did not try to imply anything against TADs by this post, it was actually for those who listen to songs and don't think it's haram. For TADs the "disbeliever can strengthen the cause of Allah" rule logically does apply to music.

A word of advice, if Ahmad Al Hassan (a.s) says that using music in ur series is Haram (which i doubt he will), keep up your series but take out the music. Honestly, many (including me) would watch it even if it did not have the music Insha'Allah.

Maybe an Istakhara on whether you use it or not would put everyone's minds at ease?

Take care and Fi Aman Illah.
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By Aunslaught ihd
dawnoftheage wrote:
Moses a.s used magic when we know its haram

? Miracles are different from magic, right?
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By Laila_Ali_123
Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,

Bless you ZeE for moving this to the Secret Chamber, the last thing we need is for people to see the Ansari disagreeing with one another.
The message we all believe in is so much more important than our personal differences and opinions and we need to be examples. Like everyone jumped on Ahmed and his testimony in public. That's not the behavior the Ansari family should be associated with. It's sad to see that.

First it was the Maskh and Reincarnation issue, now it is music. It seems as though there is always one thing or another used to cause disharmony among the troops.

Seriously, if ANYONE, even the Ansari have a problem with Abdullah's work, then with all due respect, don't watch. It's as simple as that.

How many times do we have to go through this before it is understood?

How many times will you attack our brother and his service for the Ahlul Bayt a.s before you realise?

We all have such mountains of sins on our backs that we can't even walk straight, yet we are looking at other peoples loads and comparing.
It's sad. It's really really sad.

Let me tell you something, Abdullah's work has saved so many people, myself included.
You've seen the testimonies for yourselves.
How many of those people had the same story?

I know Zainab and her husband Dawud. Her husband is a Jamaican brother who's mother is a Rastafarian.
He grew up with no pull towards religion, until he came across Abdullah's work.
He converted to Islam and started practicing but because he was around Sunni people he practiced the Sunni prayer etc. Then the more he learnt from Abdullah's work, the more it inspired him to learn about the Ahlul Bayt a.s and the Shia way and now he is an Ansari and believer in Imam Ahmed a.s.

You all know our amazing brother PaRa. PaRa was an atheist - a complete disbeliever in God.
He is now learning about Islam. And he believes in One Allah and Muhammed s.a.w as His Messenger.

Can you seriously not see the blessings in Abdullah's work??

If you are so against music, then please, please don't come here and attack our brothers work.
Don't even watch if you are so upset and offended by it.

Remember, you don't even know how close the Ansari are to the Imam a.s. The Imam a.s asks about each of the Ansari by name. We can't even imagine how much the Imam a.s loves the purified Ansari.
So if you hurt one of them you will be hurting those that are loved by the Imam a.s.
So be careful in your behavior with one another.
In case you end up hurting the Imam a.s by hurting one another.

We should be above that. Remember, we are Shia of Ali. We are the higher ones.

Mola Ali Waaris

Fi Aman Allah

Laila Ali
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By dawnoftheage
Aunslaught ihd wrote:
dawnoftheage wrote:
Moses a.s used magic when we know its haram

? Miracles are different from magic, right?

Im talking about Wisdom brother, that was my point.
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By kaoutar
We are mixing good / high music with a Bearish one
Allaah has created birds and other wonderful creatures, that's what i want you to remember brothers .
I can't beleive that some of the ansaar are taking / worring about the "Peel" § leaving the "Pulp" :think: , If something is haram as the scolars are saying فلن يعجز الله أن يمنعه
We are not a juge, it's Allaah, and the jugement day belongs to him not to Us
Good Night
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By Joseph
I think the points have been made very clear on this, and those who continue making topics regarding music and reincarnation are only bringing tension and division here amongst the Ansar.

These are not things that need to be discussed publicly anymore, and the stances of everyone on both matters have been known.

So as many have said before, if you believe that believing in reincarnation is Kaffir or makes you a disbeliever, don't watch it. If you believe that the music Abdullah uses in his work is haram, don't listen to it, but be thankful and remember how Allah (swt) brought you to this point in your life.

There are so many things going on in this world, so many sins we carry, and so much to do, and like some have mentioned in this thread, it's really sad that others are playing the judge and jury, and pointing out others "disbelief or sins" and not worrying about their own actions or the fact that they are not making any acts at all.
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By Aunslaught ihd
I saw this today, Insha'Allah it will clarify things ... e-of-music
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