[align=center]هل أية الكرسي هي كما تعلمنا في الدعوة أم هي كما في المصحف؟

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والحمد لله رب العالمين
اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد الأئمة والمهديين وسلم تسليما كثيرا

لا والله هي كما في الصحف

Is the verse of the throne how we learned in the dawa or is it as it is written in the Qur'an?

In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

No by Allah it is as it is written in the Qur'an.
Wasalam Alaykom, it feels as if the Imam as is just behind the curtain or around the corner of the street, such quick fire response and no mincing of words it is what it is and I was deceived, thank you for the question and thank you Imam as for your clarity, may God enforce you all. Fi aman Allah.

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