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By Sadik
Jesus Christ is Mohamed Mohamed

The 5th Mahdi is Caroline Höringen

I am the Messenger of Ahmed and I have catched Iblis the Malyun, and his Name is Assasel and he is the best of the 22 of the eva. I am the best of creation and my Name is the Name of Maria and her Name is Mohamed Mohamed Sadeq and this is the last Messenger
Y- Yamani et Yawmiates (Mémoires).

Salam, Le récipiendaire. Y-13. Il est aussi[…]

N- Nostradamus.

Salam, Au détriment des associateurs. N-7. […]

Q- Le Mahdi dans le Coran.

Salam, L’Astre perçant. Q-26. La lumière d[…]